Letters, March 25, 2013

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Freedom of speech is luxury of the few

THE talk about “infringement of the freedom of the press” is a total misnomer.

 If the press and the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Miliband et al actually think this rubbish, they are guilty of spreading dangerous falsehoods – dangerous, that is, to the vast majority of us who make up the working class.

 What, in reality, is being discussed with much rubbing of hands and gnashing of teeth, is the rights of a very, very few wealthy individuals who own these mouthpieces of class expression and opinion, who use these “rags” to support an odious and inhumane system of society, which as its byproduct leaves billions in extreme poverty and want and actually kills tens of millions of our fellow human beings in various ways, every single year – capitalism.

 Newspaper ownership is a very exclusive club indeed. It costs millions if not tens of millions for membership. The members include some of the most bigotted and odious people, with the same kind of views, imaginable. If we are lucky, the nearest we get to freedom of the press, or indeed, of speech, is a letter in the local paper.

 Like so much else in capitalism, one’s freedom of speech and expression is directly correlated to one’s bank balance – cannot pay, cannot have. So shed no tears for the likes of Murdoch.

 Are these really the same people who called for tougher and more restrictive legislation of the trade unions in the 70s and 80s?

  What goes around, comes around.

Steve Colborn,


A ‘cunning plan’

ACCORDING to a report in the Echo, Roker seafront is under-used and underdeveloped.

 This makes it sound like a wasteland with no facilities.

  However, local architects have come up with a cunning plan to address this situation. I am sure that the crowds will come from far and wide to view our latest tourist attraction – a row of shops and luxury flats – wow!

 While they are here, they can feast their eyes on another attraction – our iconic, dazzling pier gates.

 Have the people making these statements tried to get parked on a sunny day at Roker? Both car parks are full to overflowing and the beaches and promenade crowded with people.

 This development was not on the Roker masterplan which was the subject of public consultation. This development, substantially, alters the masterplan. There should be another public consultation.

Margaret Alexander,

Fairlands West

Meddling with jobs

WHAT did I say in my last letter about Vera Baird justifying her existence?

 Residents will have to pay more, because of the amount of money her office demands.

 If she wasn’t there we would be better off. She is meddling in things she doesn’t know about –leave people who know their jobs alone.

 Obviously, she can afford to pay extra council tax with her huge salary – a lot of us can’t.

Very annoyed taxpayer,