Letters, Friday, September 27, 2013

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Not right to allow hospital smoking

AS a regular visitor to Sunderland Royal Hospital, both as a patient and a visitor, I am appalled at the attitude of smokers outside the Kayle Road entrance to the hospital.

 While we may have some sympathy towards those who cannot survive without a cigarette, it cannot be right to locate a smoking area at the very entrance where visitors and patients have to enter.

 Despite the provision of a purpose-built shelter, many smokers just choose not to use it, and by congregating around the adjoining footpath, do not have any consideration for the many non-smokers, who I am sure are very conscious of the danger of second hand smoke.

 This has been a problem for quite some time, Sunderland Hospital has over time, tried various solutions; but surely this present one does absolutely nothing for the protection of the public from passive smoke. Most days are much the same.

 It is quite obvious that not only is this smoking area situated in the wrong place, the hospital authorities seem unable or unwilling to provide the non-smoking public with the adequate protection which they should expect.

 There has been in the past, many attempts to address this problem. Surely the time has come for someone in authority to have some due consideration towards the many who are genuinely concerned, and not just to take a serious look at the situation, but to do something positive about it.

Tony Lynn,


Just can’t say sorry

‘WHO does George Osborne think he is’ was the question posed by Mr W Quinn (September 21).

 The answer is ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ and he has been since 2010.

 The reason I say this is because Mr Quinn said: “When Labour lost power they left a growing economy.”

 He is like all Labour supporters who just can’t say sorry for the mess they left this country in, when they were ousted from Government. Now they are telling the Coalition how to run the country.

 People in glass houses should not throw stones.

 A note left by Liam Byrne, treasury secretary, said: “Sorry no money left – all gone”

 He meant that they had spent all of it, like having an open credit card with no one in charge of it.

 It was also under Labour that we had the MPs’ expenses scandal.

 Who in their right mind would trust Labour to govern again – no one they are not fit for the purpose.

 The economy has turned –not by much, but it is seen as a starting point.

 someone had to make drastic decisions to get this country back on its feet. Yes, we are all suffering, but it has got to be done.

 I will admit the Coalition has made some errors in its time in office but it came together to bring this country back from the brink of no return.

 And when you read Damien McBride’s revelations, how could you trust Labour.

 For that matter just look at what our local Labour group is doing – nothing.

George Gibson

A cynical move

R SCOTT’S letter in defence of Ed Miliband was somewhat contradictory (September 20).

 He first of all claims that the Government’s motion on Syria was amended after Miliband’s intervention.

 Then goes on to say Miliband was not involved in any agreement over the Government’s motion.

 How could this be? The only reason the motion would have been changed was to meet with Miliband agreement. An agreement he so cynically broke.

 His other assertion was Miliband’s politically motivated amendment that “prevented the Government from rushing headlong into war” is pure invention.

 Miliband’s amendment was very similar to the Government’s motion and was also defeated in the Common’s vote.

Keith O’Brien,

Middle Herrington

Sandy beach ruined

ROKER residents must have seen the dredging of the River Wear and its mouth, which went on day and night for many weeks.

 The spoil was then taken and dumped in the direction of the sea.

 I thought, at the time, that the spoil was not taken far enough offshore and, unhappily, I have been proved right.

 The tides have returned many tons of black dirty stone to the beach area, opposite the Sunderland Yacht Club, and ruined a pleasant part of our coastline.

 No longer can children have a safe, sandy bathing area.

 Yachtsmen have to carry their boats some distance before launch and the vista to the sea no longer exists.

 I have no means of knowing the cost of this mistaken enterprise but the regular calls for attractive photographs of our city are hardly possible to include this sorry area.

Les Richardson


Pampering nonsense

I HAD to stifle a laugh when I read about SAFC “partnering” (urgh, what a hideous corporate buzzword that is) with a male grooming company in Tuesday’s Echo.

 Ab Fix? Daily Power Moisturisers? Manotox? What a load of rubbish!

 Men have coped quite well for thousands of years without this nonsense, so why do we suddenly need it now? If a man’s grooming regime includes anything beyond a bar of soap, shampoo, a razor, toothpaste and possibly deodorant, he needs to ask himself some serious questions.

 And before anyone starts, this has nothing to do with trying to be “macho” or a “real man”, it’s about not being taken for a ride by yet another needless industry, out to suck your wallets dry.

 Cosmetics firms have made a fortune from preying on women’s insecurities for decades, and now they’ve turned their attention to men.

 Don’t fall for it.

 If the men of my grandfather’s generation didn’t need a Scrub and Smooth Kit to defeat Hitler, you certainly don’t need one to go and watch a football match.

Greg Mitchell

A bit of a no-brainer

A RECENT report stated that the UK needed to spend £48billion by 2020 building new power stations to ensure the continued, uninterrupted supply of electricity to our homes.

 So, there you have it: it’s either electricity in your home or a faster train between London and Birmingham.

 A bit of a no-brainer, don’t you think?

D Robe,