Letters, Friday, September 19, 2014

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Help us be proud of young people

WE all remember the achievements of our childhood, such as the egg and spoon races; the swimming certificates and report cards. These memories stay with you forever.

 Parents everywhere celebrate these achievements and make their children feel special whenever they do well. In homes across the UK the fridge is the centre of this celebration with artworks and certificates proudly adorning the doors for all to see.

 So if you’re a proud parent, stick your children’s achievements onto the Nation’s Fridge Door to support the work of Barnardo’s with vulnerable, abused and underprivileged children

 For nearly 150 years, Barnardo’s has been giving the UK’s most vulnerable children a better start in life. Now, with the launch of its Support the Unsupported campaign, it’s asking the public to join it in raising awareness of the problems faced by the young people it works with – and the support they so badly need.

 The campaign is inspired by the way loving families celebrate their children’s achievements, sticking things like drawings, certificates and photos to their fridge doors.

 For many of the children Barnardo’s works with, this kind of support has never been there.

 By posting pictures of your children’s achievements to the Nation’s Fridge Door website and sharing them with friends and family, you can help highlight the needs of young people who face hardships that are unimaginable to most – and must survive without the love and encouragement that would help them thrive.

 They may be homeless, or being abused or exploited. Perhaps their families have drug or alcohol problems, or their mother or father is in prison. Maybe their parents have troubled histories of their own that mean they simply don’t have the skills to care for a child.

 There are children across the UK who have no one to celebrate their achievements for them; many turn to Barnardo’s, which exists to support these most vulnerable children.

 That is why we have launched The Nation’s Fridge Door website.

 We want the public to join Barnardo’s campaign to turn the support you give your child into the support for the children who have no one. To show your support you can post a photo of your child’s achievements onto The Nation’s Fridge Door website at www.barnardosfridge.org.uk and share it with your family and friends.

 Everything you share will help Barnardo’s raise awareness for the children who desperately need our support.

Steve Oversby

director, Barnardo’s North East

Time to stop the flood of refugees

IS anyone else concerned and angry about the situation at Calais?

 It’s time we put a stop to this.

 On Saturday, September 6, on Breakfast news a spokesman from France said: “The people who are trying to get into the UK are refugees and people trying to get to their families.”

 No, sorry, they know we are soft and they are coming here to claim and get as much money as they can. Why should our truck drivers put up with these people ripping their trucks apart?

 If that was my son, for example, doing that, he would be arrested and deported – no questions asked.

 What effect has this on British businesseses trying to keep their heads above water.

 We need to put a stop to this now.

Mrs T

We do not need to be part of the Euro

TONY Blair said we must be in the Euro to exist.

 The CBI said we must adopt the Euro for the sake of our industry.

 The Financial Times said we must adopt the Euro for the sake of our jobs.

 Nissan said if we are not in the Euro it will have to pull out of the UK (now it is booming).

 All the above are wrong, very wrong. The United Kingdom has picked up. The Euro zone is on the slide.

Phil Todd

Join us to help be a cleaner society

THE friends of Cut Throat Dene, Seaburn, have been working hard over the past three months to make the Dene a pleasant place to walk your dog, ride your bike or enjoy the wildlife.

 We have cleaned the tarmac paths, cut back overhanging trees, got the council to cut back the nettles at the back of Staveley Road, got new dog bins and are now tackling the footpaths and stream behind Monkwearmouth School.

 We have removed more than 100 bags of litter and rubbish and are now thinning out old dead trees and brambles – all this with just a handful of helpers who turn up, not just for the weekend, but often any spare night time they have.

 The council removes all our rubbish and shred the trees and we are very glad of its help.

 It also supply tools, litter pickers, bags and gloves.

 We need more helpers, but everyone can do their bit, clear up after your dog, use bins not trees and pick up your litter.

 If you would like to help and can spare an hour or more, come along or give me a ring on 516 0855.

 We would love to see you.

Maureen Batty,

Friends of the Dene

Justice is needed for victims of abuse

IN response to your lead article regarding the comments made by Councillor George Howe –shame on you for using the case of Rotherham abuse for political leverage.

 One wonders if he would have been so quick to jump on the band wagon had it been a Conservative-led Council – I think not.

 Regardless of which party was in power the disgust and public outrage are the same. That these offences were allowed to be perpetrated and continue against the vulnerable is a scandal.

 Yes, heads need to roll, quite rightly, but not as a means of scoring political points but so that those affected can have justice.

Mrs P Smith,