Letters, Friday, September 13, 2013

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Show your support and save libraries

I AGREE with Doctor T about the £11m wasted on the bridge that will never be.

 I use Silksworth library with my two grandsons, Ross and Ben. They love to go, they have done the summer reading challenge along with over 70 other children and taken part in the crafts each Wednesday.

 Last year more than 60 children took part in the summer reading challenge and received their medals and certificates, presented to them by Councillor Peter Gibson.

 Their faces were a picture. They were thrilled. This is how you capture them – young – and help get them interested in books.

 We would like to say a big thank you to the staff, Scott and Janet, who go that extra mile and are helpful and friendly.

 Ross wrote a letter to the council and handed it in with the petition. He asked Councillor Trueman: Why can we not have a vote on keeping the libraries open? Good question from a nine-year-old.

 Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. We collected nearly 4,000 names.

 I am working with “Hands off Sunderland Libraries” and we would like everyone to write to their councillors and meet on September 25 in The Murray Library, Chester Road, at 5pm. From there we will go to the Civic Centre where there will be a vote on the future of your libraries.

 Please show your support, and save our libraries.

Joan Newton,


Park is an eyesore

I WAS interested to read Mrs Morrison’s letter (September 4) about Grindon Park.

 It is in such a state now, it will take months to put right.

 I remember a few years ago when you could see fish swimming by, now you can’t see the water for weeds.

 Regarding the rubbish that is being dumped there, it is not the only place. Just take a look at where they knocked the houses down at Pennywell. There is rubbish dumped there every day.

 Most of this will be down to the fact that the council has brought in a £15 charge to collect from people’s homes.

 Does the council not realise that we already pay council tax?

Mr B Hardy,

Gleneagles Road

Good to enjoy life

I THINK that the latest letter from Mick The Pen is ridiculous.

 Now he wants to close all the pubs.

 He claims that drinking is worse than smoking and all these closures are good to people’s health.

 Does he not realise that it’s good to go out and enjoy yourself and have a couple of pints in moderation. The pubs that are left are the life blood of the community.

 This character, The Pen, has complained about everything on Wearside. He really wants to get out more instead of moaning in the Echo.

 Live and let live, I say.

J Lewis,

Red House

Saga of landlord

MOST readers will be aware of Durham County Council’s plans to transfer the remaining 19,000 council houses to a private firm.

 The word transfer could mean selling-off or perhaps ‘sell-out’.

 This sad saga of negation to duty can be seen in the newsletter, printed by Durham County Council (DCC).

 In February last year the newsletter said: “At the moment we (DCC) are your landlord.” It also says: “We cannot transfer housing until you agree.”

 In this July’s newsletter, issue No 5, it sayss: “No decisions have been taken yet.”

 At the end of July, there was a letter sent out informing tenants of an electrical safety check, which also states: “your landlord East Durham Homes etc.”

 This has caused much confusion. Has Durham County Council already decided which private firm is top dog in the transfer game? We all remember the Unitary County Council of 2007-2009. It ignored the voters choice then, should we trust it now?

 Are all those who carry the title Councillor aware that once the transfer is signed thousands of people will be abandoned to the septic rewrite of the future?

Mr D Glover,