Letters, Friday, September 12, 2014

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Labour to blame for Scots vote?

THIRTY years ago I would have agreed with Wm Smith’s assertion (Echo Letters, September 8), that the Scots, Welsh and English were different peoples, but in a sense, one and the same.

 Sadly, after years of barely veiled contempt, and the constant undermining of our shared identity by those on the left of politics, there is a real danger that the UK will be no more in a matter of days.

 Tony Blair ignored all the warnings, and pressed ahead with devolution, first making sure that the English were neither consulted or included in the process.

 Whatever the outcome of this month’s referendum, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and can never, ever, be put back, and I suspect if the Scots vote to go it alone, then the Welsh will follow in their footsteps.

 After the mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Human Rights legislation, and taking the country to the brink of bankruptcy, did anyone ever think that Labour might be responsible for something even more catastrophic?

M Brown,


Learn from them and dump EU

IF Scotland leaves the Union, it might just give the English the backbone to dump the EU.

 I am sick to death of hearing yellow-bellied politicians and so-called captains of industry whining that we could not manage without the EU.

 If they are so concerned about the country, where were their voices when the armed forces were cut to the bone, not to mention the emergency services? Where do their loyalties lie?

 I wonder if their ancestors were the same gutless defeatists that wanted this country to capitulate to Hitler at the beginning of World War Two?

 One thing is for certain, if the Russians land on our shores, the politicians and captains of industry will be the first ones on a jet plane out of here heading for America.  

 If we do manage to escape from the clutches of the EU, the first thing that I will do will be to buy a 160 watt vacuum cleaner, not because I need one but as a two fingered gesture to the EU and all its daft rules!

R Tomlinson,


The Kingdom should be united

THIS yes/no vote for Scotland – Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, should all be together.

We have enough problems arguing and fighting with other countries without splitting up what I class as the United Kingdom. The clue is in the name – we are stronger together. Just look at what is happening around the world. We need to get the United Kingdom back, which we are rapidly losing.

Mrs T,

Name and address supplied.

North of border?

OH dear, Oh dear! No wonder the Scots want to leave the UK. It is evident that the South East-based political classes – ministers, MPs and journalists – still don’t know where Scotland is! Twice in The Times on September 9, reference was made to Scotland being “north of Hadrian’s Wall”. Doubtless if the Scots vote yes on September 18, we Northumbrians (most of whom live North of Hadrian’s Wall) will be despatched by some government minister into the arms of Alex Salmond.

Rodney Atkinson,