Letters, Friday, October 5th, 2012

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Miliband was a laugh a minute

I WAS whiling away some time on Tuesday and decided to watch a little television. I called up the Sky menu and the first two items were Only Fools and Horses on BBC1 and Miliband’s speech at the Labour conference on BBC2. As I’d had a busy day I decided on a bit of lightweight comedy so I tuned in to The Daily Politics show to hear Red Ed Miliband’s effort. I’m pleased I did. What a hoot!

First we had his display of “ordinary guy” credentials of “I went to a comp”. Pity he did not mention he attended Primrose Hill Primary School – the same school attended by Boris Johnson. This school was described as a place where pupils acquire a “sense of entitlement that propels them to the top”.

Then he went on to use the old Conservative “one nation” slogan. Again nothing new, just pinched ideas. Someone should tell Red Ed that simply repeating something over and over again (41 times) does not give it any substance or credibility.

Not surprisingly he kept away from the economy in the main, but did say Labour would lead the country (one nation again) through the economic crises. Oh dear, the laughs just kept coming. All this after he, along with Balls and a few others on the platform, were part of the last Government kicked out for the mess they had made of the economy.

As an economic observer said recently, Miliband and Balls are like the arsonists that start a fire then return to the scene to throw stones at the firemen.

The Labour lot on display this week are trapped by their record of grotesque financial mismanagement and we will not let the voters forget what they are responsible for.

In an interview on Radio 5 the day after his speech Miliband was questioned on his part in the shambles of the last Government. He replied “I only want to talk about the future”. The interviewer, Nicky Campbell, came back with the telling response of “it’s no wonder you don’t want to talk about the past”. Well said.

Looking back at the television programme titles, perhaps Only Fools and Horses would have been more apt for the conference coverage?

Alan Wright, Barnes View, Sunderland

The will to help

WE would like to thank Sunderland solicitor firms Longden Walker & Renney, Richard Reed and Mark Cook who want to do something extra special for Grace House in anticipation of our Will Aid campaign and our thanks also to the team at Sun FM for helping promote this worthy cause.

We realise they are taking valuable time out for our charity. They know that our region has the lowest number of children’s hospice beds and have offered to produce a will during Will Writing Fortnight (Monday, October 8, to Friday, October 19) for a minimum donation to Grace House.

We hope that anyone who has been thinking of making a will will take advantage of our Will Writing Fortnight. Contact our team of local solicitors: Longden Walker & Renney, 14 John Street, Sunderland, tel. 566 6500; Richard Reed Solicitors, 3-6 Frederick Street, Sunderland; Mark Cook Solicitors, 1st floor, 22 Frederick Street, Sunderland, tel. 567 7244.

Make your will with these local solicitors and you’ll be helping Grace House too.

Michele Keeler, Regional fund-raiser, Grace House Children’s Hospice

Wall writing

IN reply to Alan Vincent (Letters, September 6), the guy he mentioned was still writing on his wall in 1970.

He lived in the last block of cottages in St Mark’s Road, the front of his house facing the building for the proposed new mosque.

Tom Potts

Pride in diversity

THANKS to the organisers of Sunderland Pride 2012 which took place in the city centre on Sunday, September 23.

The event was a great success and the entertainers and radio stations at Park Lane pulled in the crowds.

Mother Nature showed her support when the sun came out and our Lady Mayoress gave a rousing and inspiring speech.

Thanks to those establishments, too many to list, which host the Tuesday evening events in the city centre.

It is a fact that Sunderland supports diversity.

John Watson, Granville Street, Sunderland

Thanks to finder

I WOULD like to thank the person who very kindly found and handed in my lost keys to reception at St Mary’s Primary School, Meadowside, on Tuesday, September 25.

Peter Parkinson