Letters, Friday, October 4, 2013

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Odd there are no real jobs around

BACK in the early 1980s there was the Community Programme where unemployed people were given jobs such as painting and decorating and gardening for old folk.

 It paid the sum of about £54 for a half week and £110 for a full week’s work. Unemployment benefit was about £20 a week.

 This allowed young people to have a purpose in their lives.

 Then in the mid 1980s the scheme was halted and to do the same job you were paid Employment Training, or ‘extra tenner’ as it was known among some ‘wags’ (not wives and girlfriends but the old term used for ‘clever, witty chaps’).

 The Tories now want unemployed people to work for their giro, but I find it strange that they can find work for people to do for nothing, yet there is no work to be found to earn money and so lower the number of unemployed, especially in the North East.

 No surprise, though, as it has always, and always will be, a Labour area and is always treated as a lost cause.

 I myself am currently ‘in between jobs’ and use the Directgov universal jobsearch site.

 Once you have logged in, you are invited to click on a link to apply for a vacancy. I started back in April and one link led to a site that had the spaces for answers but no questions. I suspect it was meant to be asking the following questions: Name, address, phone number etc.

 I typed in each line: ‘What information do you require? This was in the hope that whoever read these applications could rectify the mistake.

 Nonetheless, I find that six months later the website is still questionless, proving that even on the Government’s own website nobody reads these applications – much the same as ‘ye olde’ letter application.

 Not a surprise really as the majority of vacancies are advertised internally and are only shown to the general public, because the law requires it, after the vacant post has been filled.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

It’s all propaganda

GEORGE Gibbin’s recent response to my previous letter on the economy, made no mention of the allegation I made against George Osborne.

 Instead, he concentrated on hearsay comments such as: “I was like all Labour supporters who can’t say sorry for the mess they left the country in.”

 Oh dear! Where have I heard that one before?

 Mr Gibbin didn’t substantiate this statement. Perhaps that’s because the facts tell a different story.

 It all started in America where one of the main banks, the Lehman Brothers, which was gambling on risky but bigger profits, went bankrupt.

 Its global mortgage sector, aimed at home buyers with poor credit histories, collapsed – creating a chain reaction around the world, and Britain was no exception.

 Since then, the Tories have been perpetrating a whopper to the public that it was Labour’s spending, and not the greedy bankers, which created our huge national debt.

 But the records show that under Labour the national debt was lower before the financial crash than when the Tories were in office.

 In fact, by 2010 our national debt had risen to 77 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) compared to 75 per cent in Germany, 84 per cent in France and 93 per cent in the USA. To counteract the Tory propaganda, Labour leaders should be shouting this information from the rooftops.

W Quinn

No trust for Labour

IT seems Mr Whipple is in denial.

 In his letter (September 26), he does not mention the fact that the public do not trust Labour with finance.

 They brought in unlimited immigration and created the welfare state – you get more money sitting at home and not working.

 Labour is for the unions – the people whose best talent is organising strikes and making impossible wage demands. They are the people who helped to bankrupt this country.

 Of course, the union paymasters are rich people with huge salaries and big houses, but they don’t believe in workers owning their own houses – it gives them too much power.

 Yes, Mr Whipple, even the communists realised it was better to be in the material world and to be actually rewarded for successful business acumen.

 Just take a look at the change in Russia today.

Marjorie Matthews

City loses again

SO Sunderland people once more have to dig into their pockets but not the people of Newcastle.

 It is said that the people of Sunderland are to see a 20 per cent hike in bus fares but Newcastle fares are to remain unchanged.

 And surprise, surprise, the Chairman of the Integrated Transport Authority is a Newcastle councillor – this, to me, stinks.

 What is to be done about this? The silence is deafening.

 What do those three Sunderland Labour MPs intend to do? Probably the same as the two before – nothing.

 When will Sunderland be returned to County Durham?

 It is where we belong. Created Metropolitan counties were disbanded in 1986, there is no Tyne and Wear.

 I think it is about time those jokers in the Civic Centre and the Parliamentary trio got off their butts and surprised us all by earning their salaries, and, at long last, do something for the good of Sunderland.

Alan Genther,


Wonderful days

THE VW Camper van is coming to a end – what a crying shame.

 I travelled the length of Britain in one many years ago.

 That was in the days of the hippy revolution and what a great time it was.

 This was the 1960s and the era of peace, love and the flip flop. The music was tremendous – The Flower Pot Men, Sandy Shaw and Jimi Hendrix.

 In those days we would drive to any campsite.

 We would sit round the fire, eating beans from a pan, and listen to Radio Luxembourg.

 We all wore beads and had hair down to our waists – it was a wonderful time.

 I’ll never forget being a hippy or the VW Camper van – a national treasure of Britain for many years.

Mick The Pen Brown

Grateful thanks

THANK you to the person who found my mam wandering in South Shields late on Friday Night.

 Thanks too for the help and assistance you gave her.

 I didn’t get your name to thank you personally, but I am very grateful.

Ann Davidson


Such kind people

I WOULD like to thank the staff at Asda when I had my fall on Sunday, September 29.

 Thanks also to the people who helped me and the taxi driver.

 Thank you all very much.