Letters, Friday, October 31, 2014

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Time for dogs to be kept on their leads

I THOROUGHLY agree with reader L Baines (Echo Letters, October 20) that dogs should be kept on leads in fields and parks.

 I would also say that they should be kept on leads anywhere else in public.

 Although Sunderland Council is bringing in this new law, I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to the council enforcing it.

 I haven’t been back to Barnes Park for months after a middle-aged couple refused to control their dog and keep it on a lead until just before we left the park.

 However friendly a dog appears, a lot of people don’t want them repeatedly running up to them and jumping up and putting their paws on them.

 We don’t want our clothes scratched or damaged, don’t want them muddy and we don’t want germs etc on them. Who knows where the dog has been or what it has been doing?

 Just because owners love their pets, it doesn’t mean they have to ‘share’ them with us or let them invade our space. This is selfish and negligent. Children and dog attack victims especially want to feel safe.

 Extendable leads should be replaced with the good, old-fashioned short leads so that owners are properly in control of their pets so that other people’s paths aren’t being blocked by leads and rarely, thank goodness, leads aren’t being wrapped around other people’s legs.

 The first step should be signage on the outside of all parks and fields. We should have some wardens who care more about people than animals. We should also have the children’s play area fenced off, again with a solid gate which swings shut.

 Since about 60 per cent of dog owners won’t use the leads, the Council could rake quite a bit of money in to use for the parks or wardens/enforcers. Persistent culprits should be banned from the parks and fields.

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What happened to our notice board?

WHY has Houghton not got a notice board?

 If you do not go to church or chapel etc, how are we supposed to know what is available to go to in our town?

 I understand Sunderland Council was asked if we could have one. They said they could not afford one. So the Friends of Houghton Rectory Park raised the money and brought a very good one and was told Sunderland Council had to put it up, although the Friends were willing to put it up for them. So why has it been put off for more than a year?

L Lawson,


Chaplin was here

IN reply to Alan The Quill Vincent (Echo Letters, October 24). According to Albert Anderson’s A Century of Sunderland Cinemas (Black Cat Publications 1995), Charlie Chaplin appeared live on stage at the Palace Theatre in 1906. He would have been 17 at the time.

 The curious thing for me is when I was a boy, my parents took me to the Palace to see Chaplin’s film Modern Times. Old-timers will remember the Palace. It stood on the site of the now demolished Crowtree Leisure Centre. It closed down in December 1956.

Paul Manning,