Letters, Friday, October 3, 2014

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MPs should show faith in electorate

SO the political conference season has finished with the usual swathe of contradictory promises: income tax cuts, increased funding for the NHS, longer GP opening hours and reduced Corporation tax for business.

 When will the politicians realise what voters really want – honesty and true commitment to a cause, not PR sound bites and economically implausible pledges.

 The British public is justifiably proud of the NHS; many of us owe our lives and the lives of loved ones to it.

 Any politician of integrity should show some faith in the electorate by pledging to introduce a ring-fenced increase in National Insurance contributions dedicated to funding our nation’s most valued asset.

 Time and again the British public has demonstrated its generosity in giving to charity – witness Children In Need or Comic Relief.

 Asked to support the NHS, they will rally to the cause.

 All that is preventing this from happening is the fearful out-of-touch politicians who misjudge the electorate, thinking they are motivated by greed rather than altruism.

Tim Dumble,


A smelly business

I AGREE with reader D Wheldon, who wrote about the pollution in Sunderland (September 29).

 However, has anyone thought about the pollution in The Bridges?

 One day there was quite a queue at the nail bar and the fumes were absolutely dreadful as we passed. They got in my throat.

 It is even worse for people with asthma or COPD. This sort of thing should be confined to a beauty parlour behind closed doors instead of passers-by being inflicted.

 Also, seeing women wincing while someone else rips their eyebrows off isn’t a pretty sight.

 This too should be done in a beauty salon. What next in public – people having their teeth done?

Name withheld

Great Pride event

THANKS to the organisers of the Sunderland Pride event, which took place in the city centre on Sunday, September 28.

 Thanks to all the people who attended and to those who brought along their canine friends.

 I have wanted a Union Jack flag for some time and was lucky enough to find one a few months ago near Millfield Medical Centre, as we have had people waving Union Jacks in Hylton Road and St Mark’s Road.

 The Union Jack is a sign of diversity so I was proud to wave this flag at Sunderland Pride.

John Watson,


No to longer hours

IT’S not a good idea to expect doctors to work seven days a week or to have the surgery open every day.

 They work enough hours.

 I dread going to the doctor’s because of the queue and the appointment system.

 However, when I do go, I am amazed by the amount of patients waiting. I wonder how many of these people are actually poorly?

 On my last visit, very few of the waiting crowd actually looked as if they needed to see a doctor, so who is fooling who at the NHS.

Mick, The Pen, Brown