Letters, Friday, October 19, 2012

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Excellent piece by doctor on smoking

WHAT an excellent article by Dr Liston in last Friday’s edition.

 I wonder how many people read the article, and then, how many people actually decided to try to stop the addictive drug habit of smoking?

 The National Health Service spends so much money trying to help smokers to quit through advertising and providing free patches, inhalers, sprays etc.

 I wonder though, whether the money would be wiser used in employing more medical staff, so that waiting lists for urgent operations could be brought forward?

 I should love to know Sunderland’s Primary Care Trust’s actual cost for trying to help smokers quit and also the percentage of folk who actually manage to cease smoking.

Mrs P Anne Farrow


Thanks for support

THANK you for supporting our National Arthritis Week.

 On behalf of everyone at Arthritis Research UK I’d like to thank readers who held a fund-raising event or helped us bust arthritis myths during our National Arthritis Week, which ran from October 8 to 12.

 Our recent research showed that many people believe common myths about arthritis, for example that it simply means aches and pains as you get old, or that you should not exercise if you have neck, back or joint pain.

 In fact, arthritis can affect anyone at any age. Ten million people in the UK are affected and it is the biggest cause of pain and disability in the UK. At the right level, exercise can ease stiffness, improve joint movement and strengthen muscles.

 We are the only charity in the UK dedicated to researching all forms of arthritis. We rely entirely on the generosity of the British public to continue funding research.

 Many thanks again from all of us for supporting our National Arthritis Week.

 We’d love to see photos of your fund-raising activities so do share them with us at www.facebook.com/arthritisresearchuk and www.twitter.com/arthritisruk.

Dr Liam O’Toole,

Chief Executive

Do the right thing

I WOULD like to thank the Sunderland Echo for the articles, War on Waste on September 26 and A Change For The Worse article in the following edition.

 Both articles brought to the public’s attention the fact that global warming is a dangerous reality. It was particularly notable that in the first article proposals were given for what individuals can do. Everyone, and I include myself, can improve their recycling; and I’m sure the council can improve on their current 36 per cent rate.

 During the Second World War the country faced invasion from Germany. Under the slogans “dig for victory” and “.... we will never surrender” the whole country was united against the Nazi threat.

 Unfortunately there is no Churchill warning us of the consequences of global warming.

 Governments are reluctant to call for the necessary action needed to stave off climate change eg increased tax on air travel. It is a fact that aircraft emissions are destroying coral reefs around the world. Such policies will not be electorally popular and, so we are told, bad for the economy.

 Whether policies to combat climate change are popular or not, it is time for the Government to do the right thing. If we don’t solve the problem there will be no economy, there will be no country or indeed planet.

 The Government is planning to reform the rules governing our electricity market. As such, Friends of the Earth are undertaking the Clean British Energy Campaign. May I take this opportunity to ask people to call on the Government to switch to clean Britain energy at www.cleanbritishenergy.co.uk.

David Hann,

Wearside Friends of the Earth,



Happy to help out

IN response to the letter on October 15 from Tracey Oliver.

 My name is John Hibbert. I have had the cobbler’s shop in Borough Road, Sunderland, for over 40 years and would like to offer my services to her and anyone else.

 Please bring as many repairs as you would like. How can anyone refuse work in these hard times?

 The only time that I would turn away work is when the job would not be worth doing for the customer.

John Hibbert,

0191 567 6758,

31 Borough Road,


On the next train

SO Vera Baird throws her weight around against someone who asked her to pick up her dog’s muck on King’s Cross Station and gets away “scott free” without prosecution when she didn’t.

 Because of her expenses scandals and failure to support her constituents when the Teesside steel works closed down, she’s off the Westminster Gravy Train as Labour MP for Redcar and running to catch the next train in the station as Police Crime Commissioner for Northumbria Police.

  Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Kay Rowham,

3 Lyons Avenue,

Easington Lane