Letters, Friday, October 17, 2014

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Man is responsible for his destruction

AS I sit and muse on the ills of this life, I think of our planet as a body.

 A body infected by a disease, a cancer growing over its outer surface, inflicting harm wherever it grows.

 Trees and vegetation are destroyed and the atmosphere polluted by burning fuels extracted from under the surface.

 The effect of this action by this disease results in the loss of habitat of other life forms – animals, fish and birds.

 Most damage is caused by one particular life form – a dangerous and short-sighted microbe called the human race.

 This race is multiplying out of control, it seems, spreading death and disease over the surface of the planet, regardless of the rights of other creatures to a life.

 As humans get a disease, scientists fight it with new antibiotics. Nature then fights back against the human onslaught by introducing new diseases of its own, as the usual way of keeping the population down – wars where millions of people were wiped out – no longer works.

 At one time wars and flu were enough to see off a few thousands human life forms to bring the population back to a manageable level – but no longer.

 Diseases became more virulent over time, including cholera and HIV but again doctors managed to get them under some kind of control and the population is rising at an even faster rate.

 So what comes next? Don’t be blind, it’s here, Ebola – Mother Nature at work again.

 I am 75 now and will probably be dead by the time the next counter attack from Mother Nature comes, and I wouldn’t want to be around when it does.

 The Chinese were moving in the right direction when one child per family was the law.

 The future looks bleak for the people being born now and in the next few years.

 Indiscriminate breeding will, in years to come, bring you heartache after heartbreak as you look at the world you are bringing bairns into.

 I hope I am not here to see it.

A Steel

Pantomimes are great family fun

MICK, The Pen – him again – is now complaining about Sue Pollard and pantomimes.

 This man must surely be the most miserable on Wearside.

 Almost every time I pick up the Echo he’s on the Letters Page whinging.

 Does he not realise that this type of variety has been around for decades and that the humour is aimed at young children, who have looked forward to this annual treat all year?

 I really feel that Mick, The Pen, should get a life and stop moaning, but I suppose that he is a very old man with nothing better to do.

Mrs J Askew,


I would vote for Chuka to be PM

NOW that the looney, fruitcake, closet racist party (please note: it was David Cameron who called UKIP a party of loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists. That’s why I used such a controversial term) has won the Clacton by-election, that the outcome of next year’s General Election looks very intriguing.

 Mr Cameron cannot hope to win while his supporters desert him for the aforementioned party.

 Labour won’t win because it chose the wrong Miliband brother as its leader.

 Mr Clegg’s popularity has plummeted and became a bit of laughing stock after that “I’m sorry” video.

 It looks like another hung Parliament, so I propose a Grand Coalition. A Lib-Lab-Con-Dem UK Government with a huge majority.

 That would leave an opposition of George Galloway, Caroline Lucas, with a few SNP and Sinn Fein MPs.

 Who would be Prime Minister?

 We tried an old Etonian, a Scotsman, we’ve even had a woman – and what a woman.

 I believe it’s high time we had a black Prime Minister.

 There’s an obvious choice. Chuka Umunna is in the Shadow Cabinet, and he’s always impressed me whenever I’ve seen or listened to him.

 He’s a star of the future.

Henry Whipple


Double standards

IF the Conservatives win the next election they want to introduce legislation that would restrict worker’s rights to strike.

 Along the lines that at least 50 per cent of those balloted would have to be in favour of a strike.

 We all know the reasons why some people don’t vote to strike even when they believe that strike action is justified – worries about promotion and job security.

 However, more than half of the electorate did not vote Conservative and yet we have a Conservative Government.

 In wealthier parts of the country many people vote LibDem only to keep the Conservatives out, knowing that voting Labour or Green would be a vote for the Conservatives.

 Not only do we have double standards, but an ineffective democracy too.

Euan Tipe,


Party for people

WHEN ordinary council staff have to settle for a one per cent pay rise, about £3 per week, our Chief Executive at the council, Mr Dave Smith, has been given a pay rise and is now on nearly £4,500 per week.

 This is disgusting and it would appear our Labour Council seem to have money to burn. It cannot be right when ordinary people are struggling to pay their bills.

 It is our fault, as we keep voting them into power. This is why we must vote UKIP at the next elections.

 Labour do no represent the working class any more.

Mr C,

High Barnes

Think before vote

I HOPE pensioners who are thinking of voting UKIP at the election next year put their thinking caps on and remember that Labour gave you free bus passes, winter allowances and free television licences.

 Don’t believe all that UKIP members say, they are all Tories.

 The Tories all voted in the bedroom tax.

 Mr Cameron was speaking to a reporter in Newcastle,when he said the people of the North should vote Conservative.

 People have long memories. They have suffered enough.

 Walk-in centres have closed and we have the highest unemployment in the country.

 Remember when Mrs Thatcher told pensioners to wear a hat when going to bed. This Tory Government hasn’t a clue. It gives millions to other countries but charity begins at home.

Grace Cassidy,