Letters, Friday, October 10, 2014

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There are more nurses than ever

I WRITE in response to Mr Quinn’s letter of September 27, in which he misquotes a previous comment in an earlier letter on the NHS by Alan Wright.

 Mr Quinn is on record as writing a letter in September 2012 stating that “The Royal College of Nursing blames financial pressures, nursing shortages and Tory reforms that have led to the loss of 50,000 nurses, doctors and midwives so far”.

 If Mr Quinn was to check facts before writing he would have found that The Health and Social Care Information Centre stated that numbers in the NHS were “almost unchanged” since 2010. Other data shows there has been about a 0.5 per cent reduction in jobs (about 6,000) since 2010 mainly in senior managers and infrastructure staff.

 Recent figures released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, NHS Workforce Statistics show there are now 312,409 nurses, midwives and health visitors – 1,616 more than in May 2010.

 There are now more nurses in our NHS than ever under Labour. This is before the future increase announced this week.

 Labour’s Alistair Darling said during the Scottish Referendum campaign “Frightening people on health, cancer patients, the elderly and vulnerable is despicable”.

 Wise words indeed. Mr Quinn and others should heed them.

Keith O’Brien,

Middle Herrington

Hunting dilemma

I READ with interest UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott’s letter concerning the matter of a recent case of animal abuse (October 8) in which he, rightly, calls for harsher punishments for those committing such acts.

 I, therefore, take it that he will be campaigning to change his party’s stance on fox hunting?

 Or perhaps he could explain why his party leader Nigel Farage has himself attended such events?

J Munro

Clean up your act

IN their recent letter E Armstrong is spot on about Seaham’s litter problem.

 It lies everywhere and only seems to be collected once in a blue moon, after people complain.

 Seaham Town Council is wasteful (remember the £80,000 speed bumps removed after two years and many irate drivers).

 I’d rather have clean streets than the thousands of pounds spent on seasonal flower displays – what’s the point in titivating a dump?

 Clean up your act Seaham Town Council!

M Jessop

True angels of north

I WOULD like to thank all at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 The reception girls, the A&E doctors and staff, who gave me first-class attention, to the x-ray departments and Dr Azam and Mr Corson and his team along with all the other doctors and professionals who attended me and there was quite a lot.

 I would also like to thank Washington Medical Centre, Monkwearmouth hospital staff, wards 31, 35 and 46, the nurses and support people, cleaners and porters.

 You all looked after me when I was so dependant and needed your help. My thanks to you all – you are the true angels of the north.

George Garrett,