Letters, Friday, November 22, 2013

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Leaving EU would not be good for us

IT’S nice to see that the boss at Nissan has made his firm’s views clear on Europe.

 Leaving the European market, would impact Nissan to such an extent that the firm would have to reconsider further investment in Sunderland.

 Trade with Europe is far more important than just sending cars to countries like France and Germany – the EU is about to sign a huge trade deal with the United States worth more than a billion pounds a day in business.

 Who wouldn’t want a slice of that pie?

 I can name one group – our friends in UKIP, who think they know better than people like Richard Branson, the heads of the CBI, the British Retail Consortium, The Automotive Council, The Federation of Small Businesses, the Prime Minister, and President Obama.

 All these people, whose opinions are far more worthy of respect than mine, have all said that they want us to stay in Europe, for the sake of our economy.

 I wonder if the nay-sayers have ever been to Nissan to find out what they have to say, because I can’t find a record anywhere on the internet of Mr Farage or his cronies ever doing so.

 In fact, over the past few days on TV, I haven’t heard them say a good word about Nissan at all. Just rude dismissal, with a hefty dose of hot air.

 Nice to know they care about Sunderland’s workers.

Meg Crosby,

East Herrington

Facing disaster

THE Tories brought Nissan to Sunderland.

 Now Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a vote on EU membership which may take Nissan away with the loss of 6,500 jobs.

 The head of Nissan has warned that the car maker would “reconsider” the future of the firm’s Sunderland plant if the UK left the European Union.

 The Northern TUC has warned of the serious economic damage that would be caused by Nissan’s possible departure.

 The Tories are creating that uncertainty by putting their self-interest ahead of the region’s economic well-being.

 God help us if Nissan does go as that would be Sunderland finished.

D Swann

Unfair on claimants

THE abundance of TV programes at the moment about benefit cheats seems to tar even the most genuine cases with the same brush. Mud sticks, even when the majority of claimants are honest and legitimate.

 There will, obviously, be some unscrupulous minority who will always take advantage.

 However, on the other hand I can’t remember seeing too many TV shows about the corrupt politicians or the incompetent bankers, who have caused us just as many problems.

Ralph Arnold,


Jack should move

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Frank Johnson (November 12) regarding his suggestion that Jack Crawford’s statue, currently hidden in Mowbray Park, should be made more visible to the public by being located in the proposed new city square.

 Jack Crawford was the hero of the battle of Camperdown. He performed the heroic act of nailing the flag back on the mast of admiral Duncan’s flagship the Venerable in 1797 during a sea battle against the Dutch.

 For this heroic act, he was given a pension and welcomed back to Sunderland a hero.

 Tragically. he died in poverty but his courageous deed lived on.

 Two or three years ago, I suggested that his statue deserved to be placed in the public eye rather than be hidden on a solitary hillock in a corner of Mowbray Park.

 I suggested it be transferred to the seafront, perhaps on the site once occupied by the much-criticised Seaburn Fountain.

 Needless to say, the idea was not taken up by Sunderland Council – good ideas never are.

 However, Mr Johnson, I agree with you as do many others.

 Good luck to your suggestion.

Coun George Howe

Fulwell ward