Letters, Friday, May 24, 2013

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Leisure facilities needed, not homes

WAS there ever a place more aptly named?

 In the time I have resided in Fence Houses, the following have been replaced by houses: Lumley brickworks, The YMCA and adjoining football field and five-a-side court, Lambton Junior School, most of Dubmire Trading Estate and the SIG site at Sedgeletch. The Rookery at Morton Grange has houses but no rooks anymore and plans are afoot to replace the fire station with, you guessed it – houses.

 People must have somewhere to live but surely amenities must keep abreast of the burgeoning house building programme?

 At this moment in time the only leisure facilty that comes to mind are the two seats at the cenotaph, which is also rumoured to have houses built behind it.

 Surely the powers that be realise that these two seats will soon have no room for all these extra backsides.

 Let’s think about a place where young and old can find distraction.

 Take a look at Hetton and see its excellent leisure facility.

 Something needs to be done.

David Patterson,

Fence Houses

A tireless worker

IT is with deep sadness we learnt of the death of Pat Burn, our New Silksworth reporter for Down Your Way.

 Pat was a tireless worker, from taking photographs to the write up for her column.

 Pat and myself worked together for the Age Concern Stroke Club for quite a few years. Her and her late husband Fred loved my down syndrome daughter Andrea Park.

 After the death of Melanie, their granddaughter, Pat would call at my home just to make sure Andrea was all right.

 Pat loved her work with the WI and the Community Association.

 We are all going to miss Pat around New Silksworth, but we know she will be united with her dear husband Fred, who she nursed throughout his illness.

 Thank you Pat, for being you.

Lorna Park and family,

New Silksworth

Amused by rules

WHILE watching the Dambusters Re-enactment at Derwent Reservoir on television, I was amused to hear the reporter saying that due to health and safety rules modern-day pilots were unable to fly the Lancaster bombers at the same height as the original bomber pilots.

 Thank goodness Health and Safety weren’t around in 1939 to 1945.

Name and address supplied

Dedicated staff

I WOULD like to thank Mr Roysam and his team for the excellent medical treatment I received during my four-day stay in Sunderland Royal Hospital, Ward D48.

 Everyone, from the nursing staff right down to the “nobodies”, as they call themselves, bringing our tea and water, who gave 110 per cent.

 As to the person complaining about the food, which the three people in our room found good, hot and adequate, one of them being a cook herself, I can only assume this person preferred drink or cigarettes.

 Thanks once again to the dedicated staff.

Carol Wallace,


No room for wimps

I HAVE just read Clarke Carlisle, chairman of the Professional Football Association, in the national press having a go at Paolo Di Canio on his treatment of our footballers.

 He says the PFA has to make sure our players aren’t taken advantage of.

 We the supporters should have our union to make sure we aren’t taken advantage of – like we have all season.

 Any of these wimps who have reported Paolo to the PFA should be shipped out as soon as possible – they’re pathetic. Just typical of society today, where there’s no discipline.

 The PFA is an asylum run by the inmates.

 As for Carlisle at least the word advantage is a nine letter word – more than he could muster on Countdown


Great start for shop

I WOULD like to thank the many people of Sunderland who have been supporting the work of Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind by shopping in our recently-opened Nearly New shop in High Street West, Sunderland.

 In a little over one month we have raised almost £7,000 and business continues to be brisk.

 I would also like to thank the many people who have donated items to sell. The quality of goods has been excellent and many customers have commented on the quality of stock on sale.

 We are constantly in need of new stock and would be very grateful for offers of clothing, furniture, bric-a-brac, toys, books, household goods etc.

 We are able to collect items if necessary.

 We would also welcome new volunteers to help sort and sell stock within our shop. Anyone interested can contact the Society on 0191 567 3939. An answer machine is available to leave messages on when the office is closed.

 All the funds raised go towards the provision of services for local blind and partially sighted people. The shop is managed by volunteers enabling the money to go directly towards the Society’s work.

Richard Wood,

Executive Officer,

Sunderland and North Durham Royal Society for the Blind,

Foyle Street

Ken Dodd was great

KEN Dodd was brilliant as ever at the Empire, absolutely top class. He had us all rolling with laughter.

 As a huge fan, I was disappointed to read the letter from Mick The Pen criticising the man. Mr Dodd is a legend and the funniest comedian in the country. Every show he performs is to sell-out crowds and his appearance at The Empire was no different.

 Ken has been performing for 50 years and I have seen him many times all over the country. He never does any blue material and has the audiences in the palm of his hand for hours. To actually call the man a dinosaur and childish because he used a tickling stick as part of his act is not on.

  I really think that this was an attempt by Mick The Pen to cause trouble with the Ken Dodd fan club. I can recall a similar letter he wrote a few years ago which caused a stir when he had the audacity to insult the great man’s teeth.

Mr D Nesbitt,


Thanks for support

ON behalf of myself and Joyce Maitland I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Murton and Dalton-le-Dale for their support at the Durham County Council Elections held on May 2.

 As ever we will work to the best of our ability in your best interests. Once again many thanks to you all.

Councillor Alan Napier,