Letters, Friday, May 23, 2014

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Sale of council homes shameful

DURHAM County Council is going to sell or transfer 19,000 houses into the hands of private landlords.

 All governments keep county council departments short of money. Sadly, none of the council officials are showing any backbone, not one ounce of grit!

 Most council houses in this area were built by the district and local council direct labour, all local tradesmen and builders.

 Finlay’s of Ryhope was one of them, Jimmy Clay was Clerk of Works on this Westlea Estate and Mr Davison was foreman bricklayer – local carpenters, roofers, scaffold workers, men of skills from the North East, all showing that it can be done!

 In all the land, is there not one man among all the highly paid council officials who has some ballistic idea to stand up and cry shame?

 If the ‘yes’ deal is signed, 19,000 council house families will be abandoned and sacrificed to the rapacious landlords.

 All across the UK, more than one million council houses are now abandoned by the spineless county councils.

 This betrayal by county councils is the most shameful episode in our social history.

DB Glover,



Using race for political gain

WELL pointed out Mr Stott, in his letter on May 12th.

 We should celebrate the fact that as a nation, we have evolved to a point where a large amount of our citizens are comfortable being agnostic. It could take hundreds of years, but I believe the majority of the world will eventually go the same way.

 The sad thing is that politicians are using religion to whip up

unnecessary racial tensions.  

 Cameron and his chums in the Conservative Party are using this tactic, not for religious beliefs but purely for political gain.

 They have seen the popularity of the Christian fundamentalists – aka the Tea Party – these bigoted people using fear have a big say in American politics, so they have decided to use it over here.

 They have also witnessed UKIP’s popularity surge with the use of racial scaremongering. It’s a bandwagon Cameron couldn’t wait to jump upon.

Ged Taylor,


Stop feeding the seagulls

THE nuisance of seagulls on housing estates is caused because people feed them bread and

other food scraps.

 The council needs to put signs up with a fine for those who keep on feeding them.

Alan Ramsey,

Hall Farm