Letters, Friday, May 22, 2015

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Unhappy with bridge plans

May I thank the 800+ voters of St Peter’s Ward who chose the Ukip candidate in the local government elections?

 The result is a remarkable step forward; it is a success for Ukip and we can look forward to the next local government contest for council seats.

 There will be a significantly increased support for Ukip when voters realise the enormous blunder which is the re-alignment of St Mary’s Way.

 It has isolated the Vaux site and the Stadium of Light area from the main commercial centre of Sunderland.

 Who else can be blamed but those Tory and Labour councillors who are the most enthusiastic proponents of the crazy city centre road improvement plans, the new Sunderland bridge and the Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) ?

 They have also spurned the opportunity, for the past 15 years, to build a new bridge between the Wearmouth and Queen Alexandra bridges at the only feasible location.

 It should be from the SoL to the Vaux site.

 We Ukip members are realists who will never be deceived by the ridiculous claims eulogising the extraordinarily high costs of the misplaced and badly designed new Wear Bridge and its approach road scheme, as described by Coun Paul Watson and chairman of the business group, Gary Hutchinson (Echo, May 14, 2015).

 The bowlegged “ A” frame inside/out cable stay design is even worse than the un-buildable “iconic” bridge design which it replaces.

 It defeats the primary purpose of the cable stay bridge design which is to obviate the need for bridge supports to leave the navigable waters clear of all obstructions.

 The Buyck Construction design proposes to put the pylons in the middle of a tidal river Wear!

 The recent public notice in the Echo calling for a public inquiry into the effects of the new bridge plan upon the navigation and pollution over the next three years suggests that the involvement of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is a mere afterthought!

 Will the unknown costs be added to the £117 million new bridge budget?

 Will the steel bridge be made and installed by British steel workers?

 Is the scheme a snub to British bridge construction engineers?

  It is most certainly not good value money!

 Go online to view and compare it with the Zakim bridge in Boston USA or the new Ada bridge in Belgrade.

 It appears that the Secretary of State for the DfT is not much interested since, upon receiving my objections, he promptly cancelled the public inquiry.

Ron McQuillan

Via email

Jesus as a superhero?

I was at church on Saturday watching my goddaughter collecting her first holy communion. It brought back a lot of childhood memories of my time at a catholic school.

 I never had any complaint with the education we received, but the attitude from the two nuns, sister Patrick and sister Andrea, left a lot to be desired.

 You knew where you stood with sister Patrick. She would attack any child like an

upset Mike Tyson for little or no reason, whereas sister Andrea was more sly with her malevolence.

 And when I stopped reminiscing, I woke up to the priest letting us know that we’re all sinners and going to

hell. He seemed to be looking at me – well I think he was, maybe its my childhood paranoia, but hey, as long as I don’t get roomed up with

Hitler or Thatcher.

 The other thing at the mass was how in the priest’s

sermon, he went on and on about how great and good Jesus was with his miracles, like the loaves and fishes story, but the best one was the

changing water into wine story. If this is all true, Jesus would have been the first superhero. He should have been called Transubstantiation Man. But superheroes like Superman and Batman go around stopping the bad guys and saving their respective cities. Transubstantiation Man didn’t use his superpowers to save the people or his city, he just let them Romans run wild,then scarper off to heaven. Still, like the bible, these comics made good reading as a child on a Sunday when there was no TV.

Ged Taylor


Bad advice from locals

I was recently lost and bemused on an inner city estate the other day.

 I asked a local for directions. “I’ve lived here for forty years and it’s round here somewhere but I’m not sure,” said the old man.

 Another old local sent me in the wrong direction, much to my dismay. This happened twice. The point is if these folk have lived in the area so long surely they should know the streets where they live.  

 I even asked one native who the milkman was. He would know, I thought, and the bizarre reply was “I don’t know his name but he has a round face”.

 Huh, perhaps they should bring street maps back.

Mick The Pen Brown

Via email

Praise for non-addicts?

People who overcome alcoholism and drug problems often receive praise for battling their addictions.

Well, where’s my praise for not becoming an addict in the first place? I don’t drink and have never used illegal drugs.

A lot of people might say I’m ‘boring’, but I’m a stronger person that those weak-willed addicts, so I think I deserve some praise too.

Jack Wilson