Letters, Friday, May 15, 2015

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Tories will lead us to better times

DESPITE the long drawn out misinformation provided by the various polls, the Conservative Party is, once again, holding the reigns, guiding the country along the road to economic recovery.

 There can be no doubt that the people have spoken for themselves as to whom they wanted and trusted – the Conservatives.

 While the North East has settled once again to put its trust in Labour, the new Government can continue un-restrained with the programme of encouraging and supporting job creation.

 Since 2010, 1,000 new job have been created each day. The deficit created by Labour has been halved. Income tax has been cut for more than 26million people making sure it always pays to work.

 The election and defeat of Labour has saved the country from more borrowing, more debt, and together with the SNP ruining the country. Make no mistake should that have happened the UK would have been ripped apart by the demands of the SNP.

 A word of warning to Mr Salmond though that because Labour was outed in Scotland he should not mistakenly consider that to mean the great majority of people, who voted no in the Scottish referendum would change their minds and vote yes to any future move by the SNP to travel that road again.

 While the Conservatives gained an overall majority, UKIP collected more than 3.5million votes. The party only gained one seat – surely, that can’t be true democracy.

 Many people I know were disappointed that Nigel Farage was not elected, he would have been a refreshing addition to Parliamentary debates.

 His belief that we should leave the EU is a genuine and realistic goal supported by millions of people in this country who agree that we should be a trading partner with Europe not a politically tied second class nation. The economy is global and to be part of an economic tie-up with the bureaucratic federal system that has deep financial problems with the euro is not only contrary to common sense but one which would see the end of an independent UK.

 As for the Prime Minister thinking he can renegotiate our terms of membership that it is not an option.

 The EU is a collection of states held together by complex regulations that are assuming dictatorial proportions that are already stifling not only big business but the creation and operation of small businesses.

 The scaremongering by those who support the theory that leaving Europe would affect our trade is just that – scaremongering. Britain’s trade to the rest of the world is increasing as is our standing.

Coun George Howe

Fulwell Ward

Dehydration can cause tiredness

THE Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is anxious to offer the following advice to drivers about the effects of dehydration and drowsiness while driving.

A recent study by Loughborough University revealed drivers who only have 25ml of water an hour made more mistakes on the road.

 As a result, motorists should avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Also, keep a bottle of water with you, but make sure you have stopped in a safe place before you have any food or drink.

 If you are going to be on the road for more than two hours be prepared to take a 15-minute break, even if you think you don’t need the rest.

 You should also avoid driving straight after eating a heavy meal, you will only end up feeling lethargic.

 Try to get a good night’s sleep the day before your journey to prevent you from feeling tired before you set off – especially if you plan to set out early in the morning or late in the evening when you’re less likely to be naturally alert.

 Driving when you would normally be asleep greatly increases the risk of a sleep-related crash.

 Avoid using your cruise control on the motorway when you are feeling tired – the less control you have of your car the higher the likelihood of you dosing off.

 If you are feeling tired or sleepy, head towards the nearest service station and have a short nap.

 Remember, if your car has not broken down you must not stop on the hard shoulder.

 Sharing the drive is always a good idea especially on longer journeys – the chances of you feeling tired will be significantly reduced.

 People give a lot of consideration to the influence of alcohol and drugs on driving; but virtually no thought at all to dehydration.

 A driver’s reactions and response rates can be severely affected if they are not hydrated properly – don’t let this easily fixable thing ruin your journey.

Peter Rodger,

IAM’s chief examiner


Thanks to all those who voted for me

I WOULD like to thank the residents of the Pallion Ward who showed their support for me, as the UKIP candidate.

 I am most grateful for your backing on which was my first attempt at politics.

 Your support gives credence for the future.

 I thank you all, very, very much for your time.

Ian Pallace,

Ford Estate