Letters, Friday, March 7, 2014

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Not having kids is better for planet

EVERY month more than 12 million additional human beings arrive on planet Earth.

 More and more of us cut down forests, foul rivers, build over fields, throw plastic in the sea, exterminate other species and burn fossil fuels.

 More and more consume red meat from methane-producing livestock requiring wasteful land usage and fodder, or eat factory chickens who spend their miserable lives in their own waste.

 We over-fish the oceans and get the ecological nightmare of farmed fish instead.

 For years the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest has been a timebomb for us all.

 The uneducated poor need to clear the land to grow more food for their ever-expanding families.

 The Pope bans contraception and tells them to pop out more babies.

 Every day we get told by politicians and businessmen that the economy needs to grow.

 Capitalist societies cannot survive without constant growth, which includes a rise in population. Eventually the numbers will become impossible.

 What we do need is zero population growth, two children good; four children bad; no children even better.

 Anyway, I promise I’m going to do my bit to ease the problem. In a few years the Grim Reaper will call for me and I’ll be sleeping the big sleep.  

 Then I needn’t worry about any of this anymore.

Henry Whipple,


It’s time to stop drunks in A&E

HOSPITALS can’t cope with people that are ill, so is it not time to stop drunks from coming in? It is a disgrace to see police stationed in A&E departments to protect people.

Bill Watson,