Letters, Friday, March 22, 2013

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Drink ban could ease city trouble

I HAVE just returned from the USA after visiting my brother’s home.

 On the Friday before I left, we all went for a drink in the city centre. I remarked to my brother, who is a chef in a public house, how quiet it was compared to a Friday night in our city centre.

 He said it hadn’t always been like this. It use to be so bad they had to bring in a new law.

 Teenagers who are persistent offenders are given three warnings. The first one is just a warning, the second a ban from drinking for a year, not just in the city but anywhere, and if caught again, two years and so on.

 He said it took a while for it to kick in, but the message got through in the end. There is now less swearing, fighting and urinating in public places.

 They also have pairs of police officers in plain clothes who mingle with the crowds looking for drug dealers and other miss-doings. Posters are also placed in shop windows and public houses saying: “Beware, you are being watched.”

 I don’t know if it would work here, but it’s food for thought, don’t you think?

Mr S Thompson,


Close our borders

THE letter from Denis Gillon, March 11, expresses what the whole electorate of the UK is worried about.

 It’s true the UK is massively overcrowded now and logical that our borders should be closed and no more immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria allowed into this small island.

 If this leads to a fine from the EU, we should refuse to pay it. They could threaten to kick us out of the EU – now wouldn’t that be just fantastic?

 At present our own people, especially school leavers, cannot find jobs.

 As it is schools are suffering, having to deal with non-English speaking children. It is time for action, not words, our borders should be closed now.

Marjorie Matthews,


A kind gesture

ON DECEMBER 4, 2008, our mam died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving me (David), Ian, Michael, Demi, Josh and Brooke behind. We all stayed together in the house looking after each other, while our dad lived somewhere else on his own.

 Recently, he was taken into intensive care because of an infection in his mouth, closing his wind pipe. He was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital to be treated and after a very worrying time, he is now making a good recovery. During this time, we have been going for a family meal to the recently-opened restaurant, Sambuca, down by the Fish Quay, East End.

 As regular customers we have got to know the staff well. One member of staff then sent us a text message saying that the restaurant had booked a table on Mother’s Day for all six of us in my mother’s name, all free of charge, drinks included.

 They are such lovely people. They’ve only known us a few months and they did that in honour of our mam, Julie Allan.

 They treated us like royalty and I would like everyone to know what a lovely place it is to go and enjoy a meal in a lovely setting, with lovely staff. Thank you so much from The Allan Family. We really appreciate it.

 They even let my little nephew Junior and his mam (my brother’s girlfriend) Lauren come.

 Also a massive thank you to everyone that’s helped me and my brothers and sisters over the past five years.

D Allan,

East End

No to housing

WHAT Fitz the Architects – Clinton Myslenko, Raoul Lemmerling – General Manager of the Seaburn Marriott and Cabinet Secretary Mel Spedding have failed to inform the general public, is that public housing in the plans for the seafront are the complete opposite to City of Sunderland Council’s master plan for the regeneration of Marine Walk, Roker.

 At no time has the council in the last 10 years pointed to the need for housing at Marine Walk, Roker. At no time, at any public meeting, has housing been brought up as being needed.

 In the public consultation and all the consultation forms that were filled in by the public, not one form said that there was a need for housing. Yet now, the council agrees with these plans by Fitz Architects.

 Who is in charge of the regeneration of Marine Walk, Roker? Fitz Architects, the General Manager of the Seaburn Marriott, or is the council doing a U-turn on its master plan and going against the general public’s opinions?

 At this stage in the regeneration, Fitz Architects slams in a plan for housing and councillors do a U-turn against their own master plan.

 Again we ask the question, who is running this regeneration? Is it Fitz Architect Ltd, which exists to make money for drawing up plans for whatever investor or the City of Sunderland Council?

 Come on City of Sunderland Councillors, stand by your own plans for the area – no housing.

 The general public have never agreed to this. No housing for Marine Walk, Roker.

Tom and Sue Parkin,


Destroying NHS

IT’S totally unbelievable the way Labour politicians go on about Cameron and Osborne’s failure to kick-start the economy and produce some growth to this ailing nation.

 The cries from Ed Balls that they don’t have a plan B and they don’t know what they are doing is astonishing.

 These public schoolboys know exactly what they are doing.

 So as long as they can blame Labour, they will continue to drag this country down to follow their ideological dream.

 These two Burlington Berties are following the same monetarist policies as Thatcher.

 Drag the working man’s wages down, get rid of the public sector and divert all the money to the rich.

 These toffs, if they get their way, will finish the job Blair started by getting rid of our great NHS.

 After all, their philosophy is if you can’t afford it you can’t have it.

Ged Taylor