Letters, Friday, March 21, 2014

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Profit put before feeding people

CAN somebody please explain to me how it is that we can send an unmanned satellite around Mars taking photos and relaying information back to scientists for analysis, yet with all this technology we still have thousands of men, women and children dying of starvation?

 We do have the means to feed all these people but it is just not “profitable” for the one per cent of the population who own and control everything on earth.

Mrs Colborn,


Hunt for honours

SOME months ago, Alan (The Quill) Vincent wondered what happened to the Bede School Honour Boards.

 These were mounted on the walls, between the windows, of the halls in both the boys and girls schools. On them were listed the names of those pupils who had been awarded scholarships to the major universities, from 1894 through to 1965.

 Sadly, when the school closed in 1991, they were destroyed.

 However, if you Google Bede School Memorabilia, you will find a website which has a set of photographs for those who were in the boys school.

 The Memoriam Board, which listed the names of Bedans who died while serving in the two World Wars, has survived. It is in the care of Sunderland College.

 It would be appropriate if it were on show in July this year as part of the centenary celebrations for the start of the First World War in 1914.

 Perhaps someone connected to the college could respond.

P Phipps

Double standards

SO Jeremy Hunt has decided that he will not be following the recommendation made by the independent pay review body that NHS workers should be given a measly one per cent pay rise. We just can’t afford it, he says.

 Funny how it was only a matter of months ago, we were being told by this arrogant, greedy, money-grabbing Government that although it didn’t want to accept the massive 11 per cent pay rise, advised by the independent parliamentary standards authority (made up of ex-ministers), they were powerless to refuse it.

 It is just one more example of double standards when it comes to politicians and us mere mortals.

 Politicians are all the same. It’s time we had a big shake-up of the whole rotten, corrupt system – and it can’t come soon enough

M Mccardle,


Fantastic team

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the fantastic surgery team and all the great staff involved in the day care unit at Sunderland Royal Hospital where I underwent an operation on March 11.

 No private hospital could match the skill and dedication that these underpaid and grossly undervalued people display day after day.

 The Coalition Government and the people who support them should hang their heads in shame at the privatisation by stealth that these unprincipled carpetbaggers are carrying out.

 Of course, this great NHS was given birth to by real Socialists and trade unionists, unlike the careerists in both local and national political parties and unions nowadays.

 The recent statement that more than 4,000 NHS staff that were made redundant have now been reemployed as agency staff – at great expense – shows what lengths this Government will go to to destroy the NHS.

 Remember this when casting your vote.

Michael Dodds,

High Barnes

Wasting our money

FURTHER to recent Echo letters regarding the pros and cons of EU membership, I’d like to bring to readers’ attention that the EU spends £2billion per annum on self-promotion.

 A booklet, describing the achievements of the Barroso-led European Commission, is to be launched before the European elections in May, according to a letter from Barroso to his fellow EU commissioners.

 “Wherever possible, we should try to use pictures instead of text to convey our messages,” he says.

 No doubt there will be photos of queues for free food in Athens or bankrupted Cyprus bank customers or millions of empty homes in Spain.

 Barroso’s second term in office ends later this year and he wants to be remembered for helping the EU “emerge” from the crisis – caused by his first period in office.

 If the ongoing political, economic and social catastrophe counts as a recovery then God help the people of the EU if there were ever a crisis.

 “We have a great story to tell and we should put our unique contribution to record (sic),” says Barroso.

 Indeed, he should put it on record – it is unique.

 There are 25million unemployed in the EU, with 60 per cent youth unemployment in some countries. Virtually all EU countries and the EU itself was downgraded as credit risks with massive losses in the share of world trade. There is social breakdown in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal and a collapse of the French economy, not to mention EU policy on deliberate flooding, which has contributed to the disaster in Somerset and on which our politicians are powerless.

 “Any idea of how to use this product further will, of course, be most welcome,” he also writes.

 So this is how some of the £55million a day we pay to Brussels is spent.

Kay Rowham,

Easington Lane

Credit to council

WE would like to offer our compliments to the parks and gardens department of

Sunderland City Council.

 They do a marvellous job in keeping the grass verges cut and the many spring flower displays, especially the daffodils, are a credit to them. Their hard work is much appreciated.

 A great big thank you to them.

J & J Lockwood

Necklace found

IF you are the owner of a little bird pendant, which has been found in Wycliff Road, then a description to the number below will have your feathered friend safely back on your neck. Ring 0191 565 5684.

Mike Collins,

High Barnes