Letters, Friday, March 20, 2015

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HOW I agree with John Malloy (March 13) that a ferry across the Wear in the area suggested would be a complete waste of money.

HOW I agree with John Malloy (March 13) that a ferry across the Wear in the area suggested would be a complete waste of money.

 We know how the council loves throwing our money away – one example includes the Iconic bridge with the proposed broken scissors on top. The architect for that monstrosity made lots of money, then the fancy top idea was abandoned and we are still waiting for a bridge

 As John mentioned the Seaburn Fountain, Ambit, Market Square statue – all a waste of taxpayers’ money.

 Councils are mini-governments now, with disgraceful expenses.

 We have a beautiful coastline, leading from Roker to Seaburn, Whitburn, on to fabulous Marsden plus the grotto, then on to the lovely resort of South Shields. Spend money on that and then advertise in tourism books.

 I had to write to one tourism company whose book North East England From Above barely mentioned Sunderland and said nothing about our coast, National Glass Centre, Mowbray Park or other attractions. All it talked about was Newcastle and Durham.

 Radio Newcastle was having a discussion recently about Nissan and said perhaps it should be advertised as Nissan of Washington. I phoned in immediately and pointed out that Washington is within the boundary of Sunderland and that the BBC and all media should describe it as Nissan of Sunderland. Shortly afterwards a brief item from that radio discussed “Nissan of Sunderland” – my point made.

 The BBC, sports writers in newspapers and other media run Sunderland down and report matches from the viewpoint of opposing teams. The largest city between Leeds and Edinburgh is being overlooked.

Marjorie Matthews,


Tories have done plenty for elderly

CORRESPONDENT Grace Cassidy is doing her regular view of the world with Labour rose tinted glasses.

 In her letter (March 16), Grace lambasts the Conservatives and states: “The North East has the highest unemployment rate in the Country, 123,000.”

 Well, unfortunately, high unemployment rates have been the case in the North East for many years and was the case during the 13 years of the last Labour Government.

 However, the good news that Grace finds inconvenient is that since 2010 there has been a 39,000 rise in employment in the North East, including 14,000 new private sector jobs in Sunderland where the council reported unemployment at a 25-year low. Contrast this with the loss of 54,000 manufacturing jobs under Labour.

 Grace goes on to pensioners and attacks what she sees as the Government’s record. She does not mention the Conservative-led Government increasing the cold weather payments from £8.50 per week to £25 per week. Then we should consider the increase in the state pension under the Conservative-led Government.

 Since 2010, the triple lock arrangement has seen the state pension rise by £15 per week with a further £2.85 per week increase from April this year. Compare this with the paltry 75p a week increase under Gordon Brown.

 Pensioners should also be aware that at the 2014 Labour conference, Ed Balls is reported as saying in his speech he would stick to “fiscal responsibility in the national interest”.

 He is reported as adding: “We will have to make other decisions which I know will not be popular with everyone”.

 How will this hit pensioners?

Alan Wright,

High Barnes

Road works drag on

At the 2014 State of the City Debate those assembled were informed that the works to St Mary’s Way would be completed by Christmas.

 I think we should have sought clarification as to which Christmas.

 Today we still have lanes coned off, temporary traffic lights are still in place and the surrounding areas still incomplete.

 Could anyone shed some light on when this work will be completed?

Harry Todd,


Hygiene rating pointless

THE recent horse meat scandal caused panic in the UK government, shops, supermarkets and the public when we all discovered that, when a food described itself as containing beef, it was likely to contain horse meat.

 When eating out or buying food, the Government advised the public to look for the food hygiene rating that many premises display at their entrance, but how relevant are they? The early ones has the inspection date on the back – almost hidden.

 From 2011, the date appears on the front, as in Morrisons Doxford Park, which is dated June 9, 2011 but as this is so old it’s irrelevant.

 To be meaningful I think a food hygiene rating should be renewed every two years and the expiry date clearly displayed, after all the European Union requires a vehicle to have a new MOT every two years.

G White,