Letters, Friday, March 14, 2014

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Caution is wise over Ukraine

MR W Quinn (March 11) is correct to urge caution when dealing with the situation within Ukraine.

 He again correctly states the West had no plan to deal with such a situation – but that is always the case with the interfering Western powers – look at Iraq and Afghanistan. But Russia is neither of these, with a well-drilled army and nuclear weapons.

 There is more, however, than meets the eye. The Crimea was ceded from Russia to Ukraine by former Soviet leader Kruschev, himself a Ukrainian, where, by agreement, the Soviet Black Sea fleet would be anchored.

 The Ukrainians and Russians are one Slavic people and Kiev was once the capital of ‘All the Russias’.

 The West has long tried to influence unrest in Ukraine with up to 25 known American financed NGO organisations operating within its borders, promoting such ideas as democracy and Christian capitalism. This from a country which regularly invades other sovereign territories and maintains a CIA presence in all but four of the world’s countries.

 Within Ukraine, the unfortunate people have the choice of two cliques of corrupt gangsters and neo-Nazi thugs vying to run the country. The Russian Federation has its own corrupt and brutal coterie in charge, using many of the methods perfected by Stalin.

 Russians, quite understandably, have a fear and hatred of fascism, which caused the deaths of more than 20million people during the Second World war.

 Neither will the Russians forget – and nor should we – many Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis with open arms. We should also remember many Ukrainians engaged in anti-Jewish pogroms, formed regiments under the swastika flag and staffed Nazi concentration camps. The West has interest only in what it can gain financially from an independent Ukraine. Now look at the mess it has helped create.When you set the dogs away you don’t know where they will run.

Bob Stothard,


Ridiculous claims

SO Sol Campbell reckons he got widescale racist abuse while playing at Roker Park for Spurs in 1996.

 This is a downright lie and I hope that SAFC have the courage to fight these claims.

 Let’s have some hard evidence from this arrogant, ex-footballer, who has an ego far bigger than his ability.

 Come on, Sol, what exactly was chanted at you and if you suffered from widescale racism, why single out Sunderland fans?

 Even black footballers have ridiculed your claims that your colour prevented you from being England captain for 10 years. What planet are you living on? I would suggest one reason it didn’t happen is because you have a big attitude problem.

Tom Lynn

Worst road ever

I’D like to nominate Robins Lane/Hazard Lane, East Rainton as the most dangerous road in the North East.

 There has been a serious crash at least once a month on this stretch from the A690 to Hetton and yet Sunderland Council still allow it to be de-restricted until you reach the houses.  As the houses start on the brow of a hill and the 40-mile per hour restriction starts there, there are some horrible accidents.

 One of the bungalows facing the main road has just had its garden wall flattened and the contractor who got the job of rebuilding it should have received danger money.

 He said wagons and cars hurtled past him all day.

 Is there a worse stretch of road in the North East?

Colin Woodsland

Make a change

I TOTALLY agree with Rebecca Davis (February 28) it’s time our city had a change .

 She is 100 per cent correct in everything she said regarding the fire and police station closures. Neither our councillors or our MPs have any concrete substance to add – and the less said about them the better.

 As for Labour Party members they should hang their heads in shame. They stand for the nothing solid and have no ideas – and in turn have nothing to offer the electorate. They are a just an offshoot of the Tories.

 Labour is really good at calling the opposition whenever it can, but under its leadership what happened – it nearly bankrupted the country. Now Labour is trying to tell us and the Government what is right and wrong – it beggars belief.

 The only way forward is for the people of this city to stand up and be counted because if we carry on the we are this city will end up like Detroit in the USA.

 We have been led by Labour for 40 years and in that time we have lost some of our manufacturing jobs and now parts of the of the city centre are being demolished but being replaced by what?

 We need to change to bring us in line with other cities in the UK.

 We don’t need any more long term plans, we need concrete action.

 Even our MPs only jump on the bandwagon after all the hard work is done. When are we going to learn from our mistakes and build a future that our children and grandchildren can be proud?

 Come on, people of Sunderland make a change in May for the better.

George Gibson

No to privileges

REGARDING budgies being kept by lifers in Frankland prison, Paul Manning (March 11) is entitled to his opinion, as I am to mine.  

 But he is, in my opinion, what I would call a do-gooder.

 He obviously hasn’t lost a loved one to murder, as I doubt he’d be on the side of the perpetrator.

 These people are serial killers, child murderers and cop killers, so why should they have any privileges at all?

 They are better fed than hospital patients, have more comfort than frontline soldiers and have everything at their disposal, gyms, swimming pools, DVD players, TVs, so budgies is just another item on the list.

 So where on earth does this stop? Would Paul like to have one of these lifers staying with him for two weeks for a holiday?

 I don’t think so.

John Johnson,