Letters, Friday, June 3rd, 2011

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Organisation must be better next time

LEAVING aside Tom Lynn’s absurd comparison between a lightweight boy band and one of the most influential, politically- and socially-concious post-war bands this country has ever produced (make no mistake, Mr Lynn, Robbie Williams is no Joe Strummer), I do find myself in agreement with Alison Wilsmlowe.

Much as I enjoyed admiring the waves of attractive 30-something women making their way to the stadium, after a couple of days the din became decidedly irritating.

So I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Ms Wilmslowe and the other residents of Southwick etc.

I think it was unfair to subject them to four nights of this, particularly those families with babies. Two would have been enough.

As for the poor old Metro, it did seem to find it all too much. One minute my train was going to Park Lane, then it wasn’t, then it was, and in the end, well, it threw in the towel at Sunderland. There were also a lot of mysterious red lights along the way.

Let’s hope things are better organised the next time Take That hysteria breaks out.

Wesley Crossland, Dovedale Road, Sunderland

A true music star

AS Take That fever swept over Wearside I wondered if the fans will still be talking about them in years to come or will they be the forgotten stars of yesteryear.

I have seen this hysteria many times before. The Bay City Rollers, The Beatles, The Osmonds were big names with huge followings. However, I was never a big fan of these music-makers and while everyone else was tuning into Alan Freeman’s Pick Of The Pops on the radio I was listening to songs like Nobody Loves A Fairy When She’s Forty and The Day I Rode To Brighton On My Bike. I refer, of course, to the one and only Tessie O’ Shea.

She was one of the great music hall stars of yesteryear. I used to listen to her on a old wireless and then I saw her appear on The Royal Variety TV show from the London Palladium.

Born in 1913 she appeared on stage at the age of six, known as The Wonder Of Wales, belting out hit after hit. Unfortunately as the years passed her poor diet did not help and she gained a huge amount of weight and was known as Two Ton Tessie from Tennessee.

I can recall friends of mine buying posters of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield but I was only interested in Two Ton Tessie so I was thrilled when I got to meet her outside the stage door of the Empire. In fact she gave me her old ukulele and signed it, which I still have to this day.

Sadly Tessie O’ Shea died many years ago, but I will never forget her

Mick “The Pen” Brown

Going private

GREAT-GRANDMA Julie Thompson has my genuine sympathies (Echo, May 31).

Almost three years ago, I suffered a knee injury while stepping down two very shallow steps in the garden. I had excruciating pain in my right knee and also heard a tear.

So, off to Bunny Hill PCT, where I was examined by a nurse who said it did not need an x-Ray – just rest it. I could barely walk.

Not at all satisfied, I visited my GP who immediately put wheels in motion with Sunderland Royal Hospital. I also asked how long

it would take to be seen, to which the reply was 10 to 12 weeks. Suffer three months of pain? No way.

I went straight to the Washington Private Hospital, had an examination the next day and the operation done four weeks later.

The surgeon’s report – cartilage “torn like a raggy mat”. It was trimmed and repaired by micro surgery. How long would that have taken to repair with rest? It probably would have caused more damage.

Draw your own conclusions.

Derek Denny, Ayton Village, Washington

Good luck with fair

AT last we have someone with some sense. Well done Keith Turner for opening the fair.

I hope the weather is good and I hope plenty of people come to the fair.

It would be nice if you could open it for the summer holidays. That is, if you don’t get charged too much rent from the council.

Now what we need is a stall for candy-floss, buckets, spades, etc.

I could go on for ever. Seaburn could be so much busier with things that will attract the public.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Mrs Jean Nicholson, Cairnside, East Herrington, Sunderland

Thanks to staff

I WISH to thank the doctors and nursing staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital, especially the staff of B21, who looked after my husband during the last weeks of his life.

They gave me and my family all the help they could and made a very difficult time for us as easy as possible. They were always smiling and caring.

Thank you all very much.

Mrs E. Reid, Campbell Road, Hylton Castle Estate, Sunderland

Club’s history

IN seasons 1950-51 and 1951-52, Ryhope CW FC were competing in the Houghton and District Football League. Both seasons proved to be something of a struggle for the club after trophy sucesses in the two previous seasons.

The players that represented the club over the two seasons are listed below, with first names or initials included where known. I am presently researching the football club’s history and have just completed writing up the events of both seasons.

Although I have completed over 64 years of history, I have very few team photographs of the players that have represented the club over this period. If anyone recognises any of the names below as fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers etc and has any photographs of teams that may be Ryhope CW FC, I would appreciate it if you would get in touch on the number below. I will return any photographs in the condition that I receive them.

Allison, Baker, Ball, Beal, Bell, Leslie Bulmer, H. Blackburn, Bloomfield, Bousefield, Bradley, Boal, Tom Castledyne, Chapman, Cowe, Collins, Cutter, Defty, Dixon, Donkin, Arthur Errinton, J. Fisher, Fitzsimmons, Gill, Green, Grundy, Holyoak, Hodgson, Hall, Hill, Hogg, Holt, Edwin Howell, Hughes, Lane, Lanes, Lorraine, Miller, Milner, Masters, Northway, Raymond O’Hara, Paget, Pearson, Ramsey, G. Reed, Roger Reed, Renney, Robson, Cyril Riseborough, Scullion, D. Scott, Sharp, Sidney, Snowball, Spence, Surtees, Sutherland, Tutin, Trotter, Taylor, John Trewick, Tulip, Ward, Norman “Matty” Watson, Bill Wolfendale, Wood, Wilson, Welsh and Yarnell.

Congratulations to everyone at the club on a fantastic season.

Chris Lindstedt, Tel. 07875 361023

Plight of Murton

RE Dalton Park Phase Two: once again Murton has to fight for what others already have. I’m talking about Peterlee, Seaham and other surrounding places which have decent places to shop.

Peterlee has Asda and several other well-known shopping outlets. Seaham has the Byron Centre, Asda, Greggs and others.

Just what has Murton got? Dalton Park Co-op but no Asda or Tesco or even a Morrissons supermarket, which is what we really desperately need instead of shopping out of the village.

It is down to these other places trying to monopolise the supermarkets for themselves. More and more houses are being built in Murton, our population grows, yet we have to travel to Seaham, Peterlee or Sunderland and Durham just to get a decent supermarket.

Plans for Seaham to grow are already on the cards, eg a film studio and a marina, yet poor Murton is always up against the odds.

It’s about time this second phase was passed as promised and a supermarket built to bring the shoppers into Murton.

Murton is a proud village full of decent people wanting a future, wanting to break the shackles of those that are trying to keep us back in the dark ages.The way is forward. We are in the 21st century. Let us share it.

John Greives

State of our city

I AGREE with everything Tom Lynn says in his letters. I wish he was one of our councillors and then maybe we’d get something done in this pathetic town of ours.

We have a beautiful seafront but no fairground. Yes, we are getting a temporary one, but see how long it lasts.

I work in a shop in High Street West. We are hounded by traffic wardens. At one time they would use a little common sense and let people have a couple of minutes to run into a shop or drop something off. Not now. They seem to want to give as many tickets out as possible.

The Vaux site is an absolute eyesore. Could this have happened in Newcastle? Never. We should have a music venue built here. If 250,000 people came to watch Take That, doesn’t it prove people would flock into town?

We need decent shops. Why should we have to go to Eldon Square or the MetroCentre? We should have what other North East towns have. Even Middlesbrough and Hartlepool have good shopping centres.

Get this council out and someone who loves Sunderland in.

Pamela Quinn

Area neglected

REGARDING the revamping of Barnes Park, I would like to point out that the condition of the Ettrick Grove end of the park seems to have been excluded.

The areas surrounding the bowling greens there are a disgrace.

The ladies’ and disabled toilets were never updated and the “gardens” surrounding them consist of stones, weeds and rubbish!

It would be fair to say that from the cannon to the Ettrick Grove car park, there has been very little revamping whatsoever.

I sincerely hope that something will be done to bring it up to the standard of the rest of the park.

J. R. Winton, High Barnes, Sunderland