Letters, Friday. July 24, 2015

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UK beholden to no one

Jude Kirton-Darling (Echo Letters, July 18) reckons that UKIP is scaremongering about being in the EU.

Well, isn’t J Kirton-Darling playing the same game about not being in the EU?

JKD writes “The EU has been integral to the regeneration of the region over the past few decades”.

So what does the EU want? A medal?

Are we to believe this was all done out of the goodness of heart, with no strings attached, for free, that there was nothing in it for the EU?

I seem to recall that Britain did Europe a favour during two World Wars (not to mention when Napoleon was on the go), so where is our medal?

Jude Kirton-Darling goes on to say “Without our EU membership there would be a lot less to take photos of in our region”.

Well there was not a lot to photograph after WW2, but we did not shrivel up and blow away with the wind, we bounced back.

Britain is beholden to no-one, least of all the EU.

We can manage without their rules, their regulations, their orders, and their “rent”!

One thing we can definitely manage without is all the criminals in the form of migrants that they are sending us.

R Tomlinson,


EU question goes deeper

We all wonder about the pros and cons of EU membership but I think that it goes far beyond the details regularly discussed, such as export or import and immigration.

It is about independence, our national identity, the freedom to legislate on all issues, trivial or crucial to the nation’s affairs completely independently from Europe.

It is about who governs Britain.

The details will fall into place according to concerted effort and democratic process.

Ironically, while the Scots and even smaller regions around the UK favour devolution, the EU watch words are “ever closer union”, which of course means one state and one government, so why would we vote for that?

The Greeks have learned the hard way that one currency, the Euro, definitely doesn’t fit all, so why would anyone believe that one government, the EU, could fit all?

The EU is not a state designed to deliver democracy for the majority, in the image of Kier Hardie, say.

It is a method of keeping unelected leaders in office come what may, in the image of Sep Blatter, say, but unlike Blatter, the EU is accountable to no one and it’s commissioners are even above the law.

To exercise our much vaunted influence in Europe, which according to some dizzy Europhiles, Britain’s membership of the EU earns us, you send your MEP to Brussels.

He or she whose name I’ll wager escapes you, is one of 751 others from 27 other member states, who must serve the interests of half a billion people.

Obviously such a system does not lend itself to movers and shakers, but our good servant will be well rewarded for his inertia, with a £78,000 per year basic salary, £270 per day travelling expenses, nearly £1,000 per month telephone allowance and another £ 18,000 a month for office expenses.

And remember, an MEP is a verifiable foot soldier, it is the unelected Presidents and Commissioners who are really well paid.

Naturally, such generosity with taxpayers’ money breeds immense loyalty among the EU political classes, and perish the thought, but they could well gild the Lilly when putting the case for a Yes vote.

Despite being far from perfect, our over crowded Westminster of 650 MPs, albeit bereft of political giants, is infinitely better value than the EU Brussels bonanza.

Denis Gillon,


Why did the band not play?

Can anyone explain to me why the band did not play their music when leaving New Silksworth on July 11, being the Miners Big Meeting day in Durham?

This is a tradition that has gone on for many years. Friends and ex-miners and their families meet at the British Legion Club, following the miners down to the Miners Hall, stop to play the miners’ hymn Gresford (Abide With Me), then march to what was the aged miners homes at Newport, play music again, then join a coach to take ex-miners, families and friends off to Durham.

The Banner Group and Durham Miners Union have worked since the closure of the pits to keep this famous day going, but someone must have put a stop to the band playing out of Silksworth as this tradition would never have been cancelled.

Silksworth was, and still is, a mining community. We hold our heritage very dearly, remembering dads, grandparents and brothers who gave their lives for an industry that was coldly executed and butchered by a Tory government, and they are still at it even today.

Lorna Park,


No to nursery graduations

What on earth is going on with this nursery ‘graduation’ nonsense?

We’ve already raised a generation of spoiled, self-entitled little snowflakes.

Can we not put a stop to this rubbish before any more damage is done?

Graham Wild,

via e-mail.