Letters, Friday, July 1st

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Message to thief to stole my bag

THIS letter is to the scum thief who stole from me and another lady.

I went to hospital on June 21 as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and had to see my doctor. On the way out, my daughter and I got another taxi and went into town, as I use a wheelchair and can’t walk very far.

I know there are lots of people like me in the same situation, but just now and again I like to get out of the house for the day with my daughter and get rid of all my stress, so we decided to go for our dinner together and a chat, but thanks to you whoever you are, you ruined our day.

I was in the charity shop, and my daughter was only a few yards from me. She asked me to sit back in my wheelchair and, as I got back in, I lifted a carrier bag out and my handbag and put them on the floor while I strapped myself in. I picked up the carrier bag from my side and did not realise my black bag had gone until I got outside the doors.

My daughter went straight back in but it was gone. I waited for the police to come and while I was waiting another woman got her purse stolen. Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. You took money from my bag, my reading glasses, my keys and mobile phone.

I’m writing this letter to warn others like me or elderly people to keep tight hold of their bags when shopping so it does not happen to them.

I’m not bothered as much about the things in my bag, they can be replaced in time, but the one thing that hurt me so much was my phone. It might be nothing to whoever stole these things but you have taken all my memories of my grandsons. From the day they were born I have taken photos and videos of them, and kept them in my phone, and sometimes when I have a bad day I used to put my phone on and look at their pictures and videos, and that made me feel happy again, but now thanks to you I’ve got no pictures or videos any more.

I can’t afford a new phone but I am a great believer in what goes around comes around. One day your time will come and I hope it comes soon. You disgust me.

P. Hubbard, Sunderland

Great night at gig

I WOULD like to praise the efforts of the staff at the Kings of Leon gig. I am a wheelchair user and a fan of rock music but have always lacked the confidence to attend live performances due to the crowds, but never again.

I had organised car parking and was ushered to my platform, which had excellent all-round views of the stadium and stage.

The staff looked after me from start to finish and even made sure I had plenty to drink. Overall it was and excellent evening and an unforgettable experience.

I would very much appreciate it if you could pass on this information to SAFC. I commend them all.

Sue Mistley

Why these moves?

THE Echo and the Sunderland Council repeatedly ask people to say what they think, so when the news arrives that the council is moving all of its front-line services to the former Binns East store, this really makes people think.

It is only a year or so since our councillors decided to create six more highly salaried posts at a cost of £1million, with no mention of the added costs of the ancillary staff or how they would be accommodated.

The question arises: Have Sunderland council offices at the civic centre become too small to contain them?

Why move the tourist information and council staff out of buildings the council already owns in order to pay extra rent to the existing £243,000 per annum?

Where is the pride in Sunderland when we do not own our central library and arts centre?

Ron McQuillan, Sunderland

Lib Dems doomed

IT warms the cockles of my heart to see the Lib Dems sleepwalking into oblivion. They are fronting the attack on the workers who have voted democratically for industrial action against the savage and needless haste of the cuts.

The Tories will use the strikes to call a General Election on the mandate of who runs the country(remember Heath?). They will win a working majority and the Lib Dems will be wiped out.

No doubt the very ambitious and treacherous Nick Clegg will be rewarded with a peerage or a safe Tory seat, Cable will be discarded like a piece of scrap wire and the gormless Danny Alexander will return to being Kermit’s stunt double.

Remember, readers, you read it here first.

Michael Dodds, Saint Aldates Court, Sunderland

Sour grapes

SUNDERLAND Council is suffering from political sour grapes. It has no control north of the river, and never will have.

The Seaburn Centre, Vaux and Newcastle Road Baths will take the same path from profit to loss as Tommy Cooper would say: just like that!

A. Pollitt, Mere Knolls Road, Fulwell

Search Party

I AM looking for my sister, Rosemarie Atkinson. She will be better known as Marie Wilkinson.

She had four children – Vicky, Michael, Samantha and Dale.

Her last known address was 105 Percy Street, South Blyth. Our brother, (Ken) Kenneth Atkinson died on June 2, 2011.

Please call 07530 815886.

Sandra Coxon

I AM trying trace the relatives of John Garner. He was born in 1899.

He was my uncle. His mum’s name was Mary Hayes Garner and he was born in Whitehaven but lived in Sunderland from a teenager, until he joined the Army in the First World War.

Please contact me on 01904 691582.

Mrs Pentek

MY name is Ian Henderson, I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

I have been trying for a year now to contact my brother Allan Henderson.

I was from Houghton and my brother now lives in Shiney Row. His wife’s name is Joan. She ran a hairdressing salon in Shiney Row.

If anyone can help they can contact me by email at:


I would really appreciate any help.

Ian Henderson

I AM tying to locate John Halliday who was best friends with my dad Alan Cook many years ago and was best man at my mum and dad’s wedding.

The last time my dad saw him was in about 1984 and he would really like to get back in touch with him so I am seeing what I can do for him as a suprise.

John and my Dad grew up in Sunderland and I am sure most of the Halliday family are still living in Sunderland but I am not sure whereabouts.

My gran (Ena Cook) thinks his sister (Valerie or Violet) was living at Doxford Park until a short while ago.

I do not live in Sunderland so I’m really looking for an address I can write to or a number I can call.

Claire Cook, email: claire_cook1986@hotmail.com

I WISH to contact Thomas Nicklin Barnett or his wife Mary Ethel nee Parker.

They were last known at 33 The Green, Southwick, in October or November 1942.

Any information of the whereabouts of these people will be gratefully received.

Thomas Clark, Room 9, Old Vicarage, 1 Rowberry Street, Bromyard HR7 4DU, email: falklandbirds@hotmail.com