Letters, Friday, July 17, 2015

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No interest in socialism

For years, correspondents like W Quinn and Ged Taylor have written to the Echo with their left-wing views, and I usually agree with them.

But now I’d ask this question: didn’t you see the results of the General Election?

You lost. It’s over. Socialism may even be finished as a political philosophy. People are just not interested.

I read somewhere that the electorate was turned off by Miliband’s ‘Cerebral Socialism.’

That’s one way off putting it I suppose.

The son of a Marxist academic knows best how people should live their lives, doesn’t he?

Now Labour politicians say he was out of touch with people’s hopes and ambitions.

Anyway, Marx had it all wrong. The proletariat don’t want to stand together against the bourgeoisie. They want to join them.

The era of big state-run industries and a large public sector is over.

The party of equality and social justice must ditch dinosaur theories and learn to embrace the profit motive.

It was only in May a majority voted for a Conservative government.

We know what to expect, so it’s no good protesting now. If anyone votes for Jeremy Corbyn as the next Labour leader, you’re condemning your party to five more wasted years.

Charles Napier,


Thanks for great care

I write to express my appreciation of the six weeks I have spend recently at Farmborough Court Intermediate Care Centre in Town End Farm, Sunderland.

I can not praise the hard-working staff enough for their cheerfulness and kindness to each one of us.

My bedroom was kept clean and airy throughout the recent heatwave.

The beds and chair were purpose-made for comfort.

Home-made meals were tasty with plenty of choice.

Through my stay I felt safe and cared for.

Visitors were welcomed at appropriate times.

I am now gradually getting back to life in my own home, thanks to you all.

Connie Coates,


Thatcher’s misery legacy

In response to Mr Brown’s letter, Living in the Past, let me remind him – we remember our fallen, so why should we forget Margaret Thatcher?

She betrayed Britain when her party left office.

Decay and dereliction were found across our country.

She destroyed our jobs, our communities, our youths’ future and made an incessant attack on miners in their communities.

Yes, she gave us Nissan, but her own MPs Lawson Tebbit and Lamount didn’t.

She has left a lasting legacy of misery for the North East - and her beloved party are at it again.

K Stoker,

via email.