Letters, Friday, July 10, 2015

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Time to close our borders

DAVID Cameron has no intention of coming out of the EU, and will use any means he can to persuade people to vote to stay in, saying it’s in the national interest.

 He likes walking on the world stage and wants to join the EU old pals’ club.

 He keeps talking about his red lines and concessions and what’s good for Britain when he means what’s good for David Cameron.

 After the attacks in Tunisia and France, he should close our borders and scrap the Human Rights law.

 This will take courage but, sadly, Mr Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher.

 We must throw out the trouble makers already here and living at the expense of taxpayers.

 We can’t wait for more terrorist attack here by fanatics, so until then keep your doors and windows firmly closed.

 They are already here, among us.

DJ Wright,


Cures need to be found

Well done, Chris Magee. His letter was factual without being nasty or political, no doubt the Animal Aid group will be spitting blood.

 Chris brought all the facts that are relevant to our need for a cancer cure, if these people, like Animal Aid and similar groups, are against animal research, they should register their names and if they ever need treatment for cancer in the future they should refuse and contact one of the 140 approved charities they listed.

John Carden,

Via email

Who will build bridge?

The ill-conceived design and misplaced location for a new bridge for Sunderland was an amendment of the 1998 unitary development plan.

 The so-called public inquiry was held in secrecy at the Statium of Light where none of the public were invited with their objections to, or support for, during July, 2006, with the planning inspector Bryan Stead in charge of the proceedings.

  Secrecy seems to be the main characteristic of the Sunderland new bridge and strategic transport corridor(SSTC) scheme.

 The construction of phase two of the plan has now started, so I am curious to know from which European country the unduly expensive steel structure will be imported – presumably by road.

 My guess is that the steelwork will be done in Brussels.

 The question for the Freedom of Information request is: Where will the Sunderland new bridge be manufactured?

Ron McQuillan

What a waste

Does the BBC really need to broadcast the weather from Wimbledon over the whole two weeks?

What a waste of licence payers’ money.

M Miles