Letters, Friday, January 9, 2015

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Greater controls are needed over pets

I APPLAUD the comments in the Echo, Voice for Wearside (December 31), when it was said “until greater controls are placed on buying pets, like a licence system, it’s the taxpayers, and the poor abandoned pets, who will continue to pay the price”.

 I appeal to all political parties to give some thought to the leaflets that will be coming through our letter boxes before the next elections.

 What are you going to say about the dog poop on our streets?

 It is particularly bad on Hylton Road and in the back lane of Granville Street and Lime Street.

 I have had to remove dog faeces from my back entrance on two occasions on Christmas day. I used a hoe to remove it in to the road, so now cars and vans which use the back lane are acquiring it. I don’t think this has been produced by an abandoned dog but has been placed there by some dog owner who stores then distributes it.

 I have heard on World at One (Radio 4, Wednesday, December 31) that it is possible to take a swab from the excrement and this can trace the dog.

 If we bring back the dog licence the money to introduce this scheme will be available.

John Watson,


Time to oppose road privatisation

MPs are currently reviewing the Infrastructure Bill, which includes controversial measures such as fracking.

 It will also turn the Highways Agency, which manages England’s motorways and major routes, into a company, initially Government-owned (GoCo), as a big step towards full privatisation.

 This will inevitably mean road tolling, which will push traffic onto non-tolled local roads, leading to worse congestion, road wear and more accidents.

 The all-party Transport Select Committee was not convinced of any need for the change, and opinion polls have repeatedly found strong public opposition to tolls.

 Our roads have been paid for several times over by the travelling public and business. They should not be sold-off or used to extract even more money from us.

 Tolls would also increase delivery costs and the price of goods in shops.

 Enough is enough – it’s time for the public’s voice to be heard and I urge everyone to contact their MP to oppose the Infrastructure Bill. For more information, visit www.fairdealforthemotorist.org.uk/handsoff.htm.

Mark Dollar,

Highways Agency GoCo Action Group Convenor,

Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS)

Well done on well kept cemetery

AFTER a recent visit to my mother’s grave at Grangetown Cemetry, my husband and I were very impressed at how well it is kept.

 The new parking bays were a welcome much-needed surprise.

 Our thanks to whoever brought those about and thanks to all the lads who keep it looking so nice.

 Well done to you all.

Brian and Ruth Armstrong,