Letters, Friday, January 3, 2013

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New drivers should learn about speed

THERE is a lot of stigma attached to the AA Tech-drive course.

 I was flashed passing the MetroCentre at the end of September.

 The prospect of a fine was daunting, but I got the option to take the course. For the past several weeks I had been dreading having to sit through four hours of the course.

 On December 12, I arrived for the 12.30pm session along with 22 other people.

 Our instructor made everyone feel at ease.

 His skill at putting over his lesson was well practiced, so much so that for me the four hours seemed to pass quickly.

 There was a 15-minute break and it gave us a chance to chat about the course.

 The information was very worthwhile and had the course run on longer, I would not have noticed.

 It seems it is possible to find out on the internet where all the static cameras are in the North East.

 Logic dictates, that if the course did any good, their whereabouts is of little use. Wanting to know seems to indicate a pupil’s future transgression.

 A scaled-down version should be made available, maybe on DVD.

 New drivers would find the information on speed very useful before they venture forth.

Mr J A Stott,


It’s about priorities

SHIRLEY Leadbitter (December 28) criticised my attack on Chancellor George Osborne spending £10.2million of taxpayers’ money on a posh revamp of his Whitehall office.

 She asked that I provide proof that the refurbishment is posh.

 Well, my definition of posh is when Tory ministers go shopping at exclusive interior designers and pay top prices (after all, it’s only taxpayers’ money) while millions of people are struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills.

 Shirley says its sensible economics – I don’t think so. How can it be sensible to pay excessive prices to top designers when you are able to get work of the same quality done at a much cheaper price elsewhere?

 George Osborne said he would cut one million a year, over the next three years, from Whitehall. That hasn’t prevented him from spending £100million on revamping Whitehall departments.

 At a time when Government cuts have put many people on enforced starvation diets it poses the question, has this Government got its priorities right?

W Quinn

A zero campaign

SUNDERLAND central MP Julie Elliot is quoted in the Echo as saying she has “long campaigned to get the Government to act to end the abuses of zero-hours contracts and stop vulnerable workers being exploited”.

 I am struggling to recall how long she campaigned to get the last Labour Government “to end the abuses of zero-hours contracts and stop vulnerable workers being exploited”.

 Perhaps she could remind us of this? After all, for great periods of the last Government there were about 200,000 people on these contracts.

Peter O’Connor

Thanks for help

MILDRED Sloanes would like to thank the gentleman in the fruit shop on Stockton Road, near Park Lane, for helping her when she fell on Saturday, December 21.

 He got her a chair and a glass of water.

 Thanks also to the couple who took her home in their car. They were staying at their sister’s house in Sunderland.

Karen Sloanes,