Letters, Friday, January 24, 2014

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Our city is in a shocking state

WITH the confirmed closure of Sunderland Central Fire Station and the proposed closure of Gill Bridge Police Station, the rapid decline of Sunderland as a city continues.

 These decisions have been taken without as much as a murmur from the council. Why have Coun Paul Watson and company not been up in arms regarding this?

 Their silence is deafening.

 Why are they not fighting on behalf of the town they are elected to represent?

 Work is underway on a new central police station in Newcastle, costing £37million, yet ours is closed because of budget cuts.

 Why can’t the Southern Divisional Heaquarters, which is being based in South Shields, not be in Sunderland? Do we not exist?

 The establishment as per usual call the shots.

 Ask any voter, of any persuasion, if this is what they want? The answer will be an overwhelming no.

 So, with the tax offices closed as well as the fire station and the police station, it looks like there will be no Government presence in the centre of our fair city.

 It sounds like abandonment to me. Or has the Tyneside-based North East Assembly and Greater Authority, which people clearly didn’t want, actually come into being through the back door?

 These empty buildings will blend in well with the many others, along with all the holes in the ground this council has instigated in the name of “regeneration”.

 Shame on them. Never in my life, and I’m quite long in the tooth, have I seen our city in such a depressing and shocking state.

 At a time when Sunderland needs giants to help raise us out of this, we’re stuck with pygmies.

Cyril Brown,


Pyjama madness

I COULD not believe what I was seeing in Sunderland – it’s a disgrace.

 I was at the dentist, when in came a mother, make-up on, dressed, mobile to the ear. Trailing behind were two lovely children, one dressed, the other in pyjamas and dressing gown.

 It was freezing. I thought I was seeing things.

 It’s the same at the doctors and shops. Next, the children will be going to school in their pyjamas.

 I’m sorry, but it’s about time, people in a position of authority, in a polite way, asked patients and clients to dress in an appropriate way, not to come in their nightwear.

Mrs M Gatenby

Faux tolerance

LA Folie of President Hollande has provided even the amorous French with a much-needed diversion in the midst of their economic problems.

 It has given a new meaning to their culinary Hollandaise sauce.

 One evening, during Christmas week, I was waiting to cross the Champs Elysee, when I noticed a gentleman on two motorised wheels, wearing a crash helmet.

 Now I wonder, was it ...?

 That week, the police were in superabundance outside the Elysee Palace, and in unconscionable numbers at La Place Clemenceau, apparently doing nothing.

 It never ceases to amaze me that a people as cultured and sophisticated as the French should be so tolerant of such disgusting behaviour, but perhaps they are not, and their tolerance is ‘faux’.

 Alas, adultery always has devastating consequences.

 It is a bitter irony that Hollande’s First Lady ended up seriously ill in the Hôspital De La Pitié –– Salpétriere, the very hospital Princess Diana was taken after the fatal accident at De L’Alma.

 That beautiful lady also was the tragic victim of her husband’s adultery.

George E Brown

Very handy gift

I WOULD like to thank two of my local councillors, Stuart Porthouse and Darryl Dixon, for the delivery of their 2014 calendar card. This annual gift is very handy to keep next to the telephone as it has many of those useful numbers that you can spend too much time searching for in the phonebook.

Keith Lakeman

Shocking wish

I ATTENDED the Sunderland v Southampton game on Saturday.

  My son and I were enjoying the game until the the man behind us not only disgraced himself but also embarrassed the others he was with.

 When one of the Sunderland players lost the ball, the guy behind me thought it would be appropriate to shout “I hope you die of cancer” to the player.

 What a horrible and disgusting thing to shout. He should get a lifetime ban.

 Sunderland supporter – more like a low-life thug.

Paul Taylor

Cut the subsidies

IN their quest to make essential budget cuts, could the financial wizards at the Civic Centre please put a red line through the outlay earmarked for this year’s Festival of Running?

 Councillors should insist on the two races being self-financing through entry fees, thus eliminating the £78,000 spent subsidising the event last year.

Frank Johnson