Letters, Friday, January 23, 2015

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Tories have done little for the NHS

COUNCILLOR George Howe seems to have recently mistaken MP Sharon Hodgson’s criticism on the state of the Health service as scaremongering.

  That’s probably because it’s so difficult to absorb how, even this incompetent Government could put the NHS in such a frightful mess.

 I assume the councillor is not in denial like David Cameron, who won’t acknowledge there is a crisis in the NHS.

 If this is the case, then the councillor should realise the alarming criticism is not a figment of a politician’s imagination but comes from the mouths of dedicated doctors and nurses.

 Indeed, the Royal College of Nursing forewarned the Tories in 2012 that they were leading the health service down a road to disaster.

 In the 2012 statement they complained posts were being slashed at the same time as a soaring demand for care, by an ageing and expanding population.

 They said since the Tory-led Government came into power in May 2010, the NHS workforce had decreased by 28,500 and a further 32,700 face the axe.

 If the Government continues on its current path it will find itself stranded in a perfect storm of a population with increasing healthcare demands but without the adequate workforce to deal with it.

 The Royal College of Nursing added that between 2010 and July 2012, the number of qualified nurses in the NHS had reduced by more than 6,000.

 The councillor was also incorrect with his comment that many A&Es were working successfully. In the week to December 14, only six out of the 140 A&Es in England met the target to see 95 per cent of the patients in four hours.

 It should be obvious, even to a die hard Tory, that the health service is getting increasingly worse under this Government.

W Quinn

Hospital care was a great comfort

I AM forever hearing negative things about the NHS, but I would like to thank the staff of Ward D43 at Sunderland Royal Hospital for the care they showed to my dad during the 15 weeks he was in hospital.

 Words cannot express how professional, kind and caring the whole team was, including the doctors, nursing team and support staff.

 This care was extended to my mam who at 81 visited all day every day which was a great comfort to us (her sons), who live hundreds of miles away.

 My father passed away peacefully on the ward and again the care and compassion shown made the experience a whole lot easier for the family during this emotional time.

 A massive thank you to you all.

Bob’s family the McKenzies

Nothing Marxist about Labour

SORRY Mr Brown (January 13) but you go too far.

 You state: “Yet we face the same Marxist, ideological driven agendas under Ed Miliband”.

However, you ignore the important fact that Ed Miliband is not a Marxist, nor is his brother, nor was his father Ralph.

 Moreover, Labour has never advocated, much less instituted, any policy or legislation, that even the most rabid right wing supporter of capitalism (or left wing supporter for that matter) could in any way link to Marx.

 Marx advocated a classless, stateless, exchangeless world society, where the statement “‘From’ each according to ability, ‘to’ each according to need” was the driver and moreover, that this societal change could only come about, when the majority understood it, wanted it and, most importantly, cooperated to bring it about.

 Nothing, I repeat, nothing in the writings of Marx advocated anything that could in any way be linked to Labour.

 Those who continue to claim otherwise can charitably be called confused or mischievous, more seriously, deliberate political wreckers and liars.

Steve Colborn,


Charity night cash is a great boost

ANN, Louise and all the staff at The Old Vicarage Care Home would like to thank the family of the late Bob Ayre for their charity night, organised to raise money for the residents’ fund.

 The money raised will be used for entertainment, social activities and outings for the residents living at our home.

 Thank you to all involved in organising the event and to all who attended to make it an enjoyable evening and raising money for our residents. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Louise and Ann,


Funeral plan costs are our of reach

AFTER reading the article in the Echo about getting help towards funeral costs it left me wondering.

 Let us think about people who are claiming pension credit, some receiving only £120 per week, hardly enough for anyone to pay towards a funeral pre-payment scheme.

 So how on earth are people going to be able to pay towards this?

 Most people have no insurance or endowment policies and very little, if any savings.

 How do people like Age Concern expect to combat this situation?

 Surely, we don’t have to be buried like a pauper?

 This is all due to the very exorbitant prices charged by funeral directors, church fees and burial fees. As far as I am concerned these prices are ridiculous.

 I worked for an undertaker for many and what I saw was a rip-off.

 There are no poor undertakers.

T Young,


Will we celebrate Ed’s major event?

WHICH historic anniversary will you be celebrating this year?

 In 1215, Bad King John is forced to marry Maggie Carter.

 In 1415, Laurence Olivier beats the Frenchies at Agincourt.

 In 1715, James the Third, rightful king of Britain, has a smash hit with ‘I’m the Great Pretender’.

 In 1815, Christopher Plummer beats the Frenchies at Waterloo, then has a smash hit with ‘Edelweiss’.

 In 1915, Winston Churchill sends our boys off on holiday to the Turkish resort of Gallipoli.

 So what major event will take place in 2015? Ed Miliband gets into 10 downing Street?

William Crane,


Thanks for helping

ON Monday January 12, I fell outside Milligan’s Bakers next to Sunderland Railway Station.

 I would like to thank everyone who came to my assistance, including the assistants at Milligan’s, the lady who called an ambulance, the lady who kept me company, two men who asked if they could help as they were first-aiders and the two Red Cross paramedics.

 Also thank you to all the staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 I am now on the mend.

Jean Furey