Letters, Friday, January 2, 2015

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Gadget play area needed in city

I WENT to The Bridges on Tuesday, December 23, with my granddaughter from Scotland, but took ill for a short time.

 I wanted to sit down on one of the seats there, but they were all taken up by children playing games on their gadgets, no doubt

while their parents went shopping.

 I know that the seats are free to use, but we must have some common sense on this matter.

 Maybe a play area for children playing games on their gadgets might be an idea?

Edward Keogh


Missed honours

AT my weekly audience with the Queen, I expressed surprise at how bookmakers were taking bets on her announcing her abdication in her Christmas Day speech.

 “Not likely,” Her Majesty replied. “We are not a Mickey Mouse monarchy like Holland or Spain. We do not change the King or Queen every five minutes.”

 I reminded her: “You only have to stay in the job for a few more weeks, Mam, and you’ll beat Queen Victoria’s record as the longest reigning monarch – 63 years, eight months and two days. Then all your loyal subjects like me can have another celebration (ie an excuse for a booze-up).”

 I asked HM if I should place a bet for Christmas 2015, but she just glared at me and summoned the royal executioner.

 Oh dear, I’ll never get that knighthood now.

Henry Whipple.


Magic is answer

WELL, 2015 is here. At this time people will be making New Year’s resolutions.

 I’ve made mine by spending more time practising my magic.

 My tricks are: French drop with a coin, back and front palming with 10 playing cards and fanning them.

 I’ve been practising my tricks once each day and that’s it. I have not been concentrating on them like I should, because of trouble with my flat , which is getting to me, but I still try to do my main hobby, the one that I love – magic.

 I’ve got other hobbies, but magic is the one for me.

 As I have said I’ve got this resolution, the pact that I’ve made with myself and for the life of me I’m going to try to keep it.

 Since 2008, I’ve been trying to go back to my tricks. That’s the year I started this hobby.

 The first thing that I did then was to put my hobby to one side because of trouble with my flat, and ever since then I’ve tried to go back to my magic.

 That’s why I’ve made a pact with myself to practice more on my tricks. I want to be good at them. Later on I hope to get more tricks to practice on. Little tricks that I can do at the table, and I hope to perfect them by the time I am 65 on April 15, 2015, or even better perfect them well before then. I am a trier, even though I get nowhere I still try.

 I love magic.

Edwin Robinson,

Hidden away

WHAT a shame that the city Christmas tree was place on the site of what was the Crowtree Leisure Centre – out of the way.

 It should have been in the Market Square, which doesn’t have any Christmas decorations this year.

P Rylance,