Letters, Friday, January 16, 2015

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I SEE Marjorie Matthews is at it again (January 10).

I SEE Marjorie Matthews is at it again (January 10).

 According to her every single problem this country faces can be attributed to immigration.

 In Marjorie’s world the current problems experienced by our National Health Service have nothing to do with this Government’s decision to cut social care budgets or undertake a botched top down reorganisation. Oh no, its all the fault of immigration.

 So keen is she to promote her xenophobic views, that she omits to remember that many of the doctors and nurses carrying out vital work in our health service are immigrants. Indeed, it has recently been calculated that without immigrants the National Health Service could not function  

 Finally, I wonder if Margaret has read the recent report published in November 2014 which stated that immigrants contribute far more to the UK than they take out in benefits.

 Most educated and enlightened people in Britain recognise the benefits that immigrants bring to our society.

R Scott


Blinkered views

THE Letters Page on Saturday, January 10, had two letters that were unbelievable to say the least.

 If a Muslim ranted on as much as Marjorie Matthews they would be jailed for incitement. She blames everything on foreigners – if we stop them coming in the country’s problems would go away.

 I suppose Sunderland’s footy team would be top of the league as well if were not for the foreigners.

 And Kath Watson stunned to see a woman wash her feet in Debenhams.

  As she says “I have definitely seen everything now”.

 You need to get out a bit more Kath.

Ged Taylor,


Force is the answer

SO after yet another savage cowardly attack by Muslim extremists this time in France, I would like to know when the governments of the free world are going to admit that it’s time to come together and make a concerted effort to rid the planet of these murdering scumbags.

 For too long now they have stood idly by for fear of being accused of breaching human rights or being labelled racist.

 For too long there’s been a small number of terrorist groups running around committing atrocities injecting fear into people’s everyday lives.

 People shouldn’t have to live their lives being scared by these psychopaths. These people are not going to go away, there’s only one language they understand and, like it or not, it’s force.

 So instead of putting off the inevitable let’s do it now

M Mcardle

Wardens needed

THE reader’s letter of Friday, January 9, hits the nail on the head – dog licences should be brought back as well as ID tags fitted to a dog’s collar.

 It should also be compulsory for them to be microchipped.

 Sunderland Council recently stated dog problems cost more than £150,000 to sort out.

 I live on an estate in Houghton where one person cycles round the estate followed by three of his dogs. Not one of them on a lead. They go into any open gate on to gardens, or on the footpaths to do their business.

 This is a daily occurrence and does he pick it up – not likely, he doesn’t see what they have done.

 Where are the dog wardens? If they were to come to Houghton then Sunderland Council would make some cash, which would cover the expenditure of wardens’ wages and the rest.

Name withheld

Tree is a concern

WHY has the ‘science’ of street trees passed by Sunderland’s councillors and the departments which look after our streets.

 The tree in front of my property has grown so high its roots must be under my property well and truly by now. I have complained about the state of this tree for the past 12 years.

 The wind has caused this tree to severely bend and Sunderland Council does absolutely nothing about it. Perhaps the council is waiting for my home to be demolished by this tree falling.

 Then, of course, it will have the bill to pay, via my insurance company, and perhaps even my funeral.

Name withheld

Shocking drug cuts

I HAVE just heard that funding for life prolonging drugs for cancer sufferers has been stopped because the cancer drug fund has overspent.

 Compare this though to the Tory tax cuts for the rich and super rich.

 People are in desperate need of these drugs to help to ease their pain and suffering and to prolong their lives with their loved ones. Now they are to be denied this help, yet rich, well paid people are handed tens of thousands of pounds they do not need.

 Please remember this when you vote in May.

Derek Robe,


Plea to find owner

THE recent gales have caused considerable damage, and perhaps one victim of the furore is a charming budgerigar, which sought shelter by flying through the window of a lady’s home in Marsden.

 She contacted my wife and I after finding our phone number on our website.

 The budgie is now temporarily housed in our birdroom alongside our 300-plus birds.

 We will keep her as long as needs be, but she is obviously someone’s cherished pet – despite her recent tribulations, she is a very friendly little thing and would benefit by being claimed by her owners, or by someone who could give her the individual care that she deserves.

David and Pat Herring,


email: herring57@btinternet.com

A family mystery

I AM trying to solve the mystery of my lost family.

 This may seem strange but years ago children were seen and not heard, so there was never any mention of family disputes which could explain why the family lost touch.

 My father had four sisters and a brother, who my sister and I had never heard of but found through genealogy sites. I have posted letters on lots of sites appealing for information without any luck.

 My father, grandfather and great grandfather were born and raised in Sunderland.

 They were: John Lambert, born 1902; William Warren Lambert, born 1904(My father); Margaret Lambert, 1908; Martha Lambert, 1912; Sarah Eleanor Lambert,1916 and Mary Ann Lambert, 1920.

 They lived in various locations in Sunderland, including Church Street North and Dame Dorothy Street. Their parents were George Lambert, 1878, and Mary Ann Hastie,1881.

 If anyone knows anything about them, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Bill Lambert, 15 Washington Court,

Golden Grove, Adelaide 5125

South Australia, or email