Letters, Friday, February 28, 2014

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It’s time our city had a change

I AM disgusted at the hypocrisy of Labour Councillors who voted for the Fire Authority to close the fire stations in Sunderland.

 They are now running around like headless chickens, along with the local MPs, trying to get people to reverse the decision that they made in an effort to make themselves look like the saviours of public services.

 Under the last Labour Government these stations were threatened and they tried to set up nine regional control centres – failing spectacularly.

 Labour’s Margaret Hodge, who chairs the Public Accounts Committee, said the project had been “flawed from the outset” and one of the worst wastes of public money for many years.

 “The taxpayer has lost nearly half a billion pounds and eight of the completed regional control centres remain as empty and costly white elephants.”

 She added the project was left “with none of the original objectives achieved and a minimum of £469m being wasted”.

 If they had been more careful with our money, fire stations in the North East would not be under threat.

 Now we have our Police Commissioner and ex-Labour MP Vera Baird deciding to close two police stations in the city. I for one would have liked some consultation on these proposals and not be dictated to by someone who has the luxury of being able to move their job for a pay packet.

 We also see the Grindon NHS Drop-in Centre under threat.

 I wish all these things were down to the current Government – but they are not. They are down to our local Labour politicians and their partners.

 Labour always told us that public services were safe in their hands, even though they entered into more private finance initiatives than any other Government in history.

 Then there is the debt we are saddled with, the greed of some local Labour Councillors and the failure to attract investment in the city – exactly what Labour was supposed to be against.

 After 30 years of being a supporter, I will not be backing Labour.

 It is time the city had a change.

Rebecca Davies,

Chester Road

Out in the cold

SO Sunderland fans may not be able to have a bit of fun in Trafalgar Square this Saturday because there’s a Russian festival to celebrate the end of winter and the advent of spring on the Sunday – the day after the cup game.

 A Russian festival in Trafalgar Square? Let’s reciprocate with the Last Night of the Proms in Red Square in Moscow then, eh?

 Why aye, very likely.

Tom Lynn

Wrong way to vote

IT’S a great pity that the Labour members of the Fire Authority, who voted to close the Sunderland Central Fire Station, did not support the Conservative members who voted to keep it open.

 It would have saved Coun Price, who abstained in the original vote, from now frantically having to run a save our station campaign.

Alan Wright