Letters, Friday, February 14, 2014

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I’m not too old to work at 63

AT 63 and having been made redundant some two years ago, it’s difficult at times not to believe that, work wise, I may be ‘on the scrap heap’.

 Friends and acquaintances are sympathetic, but the general comment tends to be “yes, you are a bit old now,” and “there’s not a lot going on this area, especially at your age.”

 We hear a lot about ‘ageism’ in the workplace, and, up to a point, I can understand a prospective employer’s decision to go for the younger candidate when faced with two people with the same qualifications, but how about someone with more experience?

 I want, as well as need, to work, and therefore would make a heartfelt plea to any employer out there who may be looking for someone with experience in technical sales, lecturing and design, particularly allied to construction, to at least give my case some thought.

 I would, however, consider and be grateful for any job offer reasonably made. Happily, I am quite fit, a non-smoker, and with a full, clean driving licence.

 I am willing to travel to any venue and at any time, for an informal discussion or more formal interview.

 Too old at 63? I know I am not, and I trust others feel the same.

Anthony Scott,


Labour closed more mines

HERE we go again, trying to blame Mrs Thatcher for the demise of coal mining and shipbuilding in England.

 Arthur Scargill helped to close the mines with his illegal strikes and attempt to bring down the Tory Government.

 Labour closed down more mines than the Tories and we could import coal more cheaply from Australia. Newcastle’s Swan Hunter shipyard was on strike over a tea break and lost a massive order.

 Orders for ships went to Korea where they were cheaper and the workers did not go on strike.

 By the way, in a UK poll in November 2011, Margaret Thatcher was named as the world’s most influential woman.

Mrs M Matthews,


Run shouldn’t disrupt streets

I READ in the Echo last week that one of the fun runs in May will follow a new route.

 Remembering all too well how our Sunday was ruined last year, might I suggest that a new route should be found which avoids closing many residential streets?

 Last year’s run prevented many families from enjoying a Sunday visit.

 It may be only one day in a year for the Council, but the enjoyment of a visit to family some miles away should not be disrupted lightly.

 I do hope that this year the Council will not be giving financial support to the extent of last year.

 The organisers should not expect the Council to pay huge sums for their amusement.

Name and address supplied

Bring a bit of colour back ...

I HAD reason to go to Sunderland Royal Hospital for an operation recently, and was in for eight days.

 At the moment I am reading the Sunderland Echo’s centre spread about life in the 1980s. In one photo it shows four nurses of that period. They look very smart – a white dress with red sash, white hairpiece and blue cloak.

 I compared them with nurses of today. They look so drab, you can’t tell the difference between them and the cleaners.

 I remember years ago I had two sisters who worked at the Hendon Ropery with the same drab colour. Nurses do a good job, so put a piece of colour in their lives like it was before.

Les Morrell,


Cuts to blame for flood chaos?

FLOODING now affects Berkshire and Surrey eh? Now watch the Tory Government step up the effort to alleviate the problem!

 But the electorate of these posh counties, along with their fellows in Somerset, Dorset and Devon, are reaping what they have sown.  

 They have swallowed the Tory line of ‘reducing waste’ and keeping down Council Tax. This is what happens when myopic political short-termism dictates where you put your vote.

 It is not only the Environment Agency which has had its finances reduced – we see the same in health, education and other public services.

 The lesson that if we want a decent standard of all public services, it cannot be done on the cheap, has still to be learned by some.

 Would the situation be any better under Labour? Sadly, that is unlikely since the modern Labour Party is hardly distinguishable from its bluer rival. We live in a one-party state – with two wings: blue and deeper blue.

Bob Stothard,


An update for dog donations

FURTHER to my previous letter requesting bedding to be taken to Fallowfield Kennels at South Hetton.

 I have since been informed that the Kennels are now closed so therefore I will be donating all items to Stray Aid in Coxhoe.

 Anyone wishing to make a donation, please call 0191 526 4196 or take it directly to the kennels.

Many thanks.

Catherine West,