Letters Friday, February 1, 2013

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Cameron playing with our future

HAVING reneged on the first one in 2010, Cameron has pledged another in/out EU referendum in 2017.

 If, as they never tire of telling us, a week is a long time in politics, five years gives our fickle leader ample time to slither out of this one too.

 What a cynical, soulless business modern politics is. Here is an administration so bad that it may not see out its full term in office.

 Yet here he is offering us deals in 2017. Really!

 Clearly he is merely kicking the tin further down the street with no provision in mind for the 250,000 job-hungry Eastern Europeans and the million immigrants who would be popping in anyway by 2017.

 He hopes time will buy him votes and appease the defectors to UKIP, while the rest of us, mindful of the sacrifices we will undoubtedly have to make, are forced to watch this train wreck happen.

 Consecutive governments have been promising a referendum on the EU since 2003 and now to add insult to injury this disingenuous, slippery, career politician, with mock sincerity, blandly proclaims that the public must have their say – albeit 15 years later.

 Could we be saved by a Dickensian switch in the Cameron character, I ask myself? Like Scrooge on Christmas morning when he turned into a thoughtful benevolent person, perhaps Cameron could change too, into a thoughtful Prime Minister and renege on the EU’s free movement of Eastern Europeans.

Denis Gillon,


Amazing effort

BARNARDO’S would like to say a big thank you to all the under-fives on Wearside, who took part in the Barnardo’s Big Toddle 2012.

 These amazing toddlers took part in a short sponsored walk and helped to raise a fantastic £49,000 for vulnerable under-fives in the North East.

 Toddlers in Sunderland, Houghton, Washington and Seaham helped raise the funds, which are vital for supporting local children, including those with physical and learning disabilities, autism and behavioural problems.

 Barnardo’s would love to see more tots registering for the Big Toddle in 2013. It’s a great day out and this year is set to be another success. Last year, toddlers were encouraged to dress up as their favourite superhero. This year the theme is fairytales and nursery rhymes!

 Registrants can attend a local Big Toddle held by Barnardo’s, encourage their local pre-school, playgroup or nursery to organise their own Toddle or even host their own with family and friends.

 To register and find out more, visit www.bigtoddle.co.uk or call 0800 008 7005.

Steve Oversby, Director, Barnardo’s North East

We need a home

WASHINGTON has two claims to fame, it is the largest town in Britain without a railway station, and the largest town in Britain where its football team does not play within the town boundaries.

 I have been a committee member of Washington Football Club for a number of years and at present we play in the Ebac Northern League Division Two.

 Two years ago, because of the loss of sponsorship support, we were forced to vacate our ground at Albany Park, Concorde. We have been playing our home games since at the Nissan Sports and Social Club, but have lost a lot of support because this ground is not central to Washington.

 We would like a ground in the centre of Washington. I note that a new leisure complex is being built next to the existing leisure centre at The Galleries. This is due to be completed in 2015 and will incorporate training football pitches.

 Could somebody involved in this project consider building a football ground to Northern League standards, which could be the permanent home of Washington Football Club?

 The few of us who are left to run the club need help with sponsorship and a new home in Washington. We want to see the club thrive but we need the help and support of the residents.

 The North East is supposedly a “hotbed” for football and football supporters, please help us in any way you can.

Les Barber,

Washington Football Club

Young don’t care

I AM writing to complain about the pupils from Houghton Kepier Secondary School who threw snowballs at my windows in Greenwood Avenue. They also threw snowballs at bus windows, cars, lorries etc.

 They go to our local newsagent, Conlons, and throw rubbish, including food tins, all around the area during lunch breaks and at home time.

 I’ve been to the school to complain and they said: “Sorry they are out of school hours.”

 I went to the police station and they also said sorry as it is not a serious enough matter for action.

 What a stupid answer.

 If I did that when I was at school I would have been punished. The attitude of the local police and the school shocks me.

 Our society is bringing up a generation of youngsters who don’t give a damn.

 I thought Houghton school had a good reputation. You must be joking.

Name withheld