Letters, Friday, December 29, 2012

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‘Rabid right’ wants out of EU

OH Boy! Politicians, don’t you just love ‘em? As if we didn’t get enough of their nonsense we were presented with a double bill in the Echo letters page on Friday, December 14.

 Alan Wright reminded us what a jolly decent lot the Conservatives are, and how they are doing so much for Sunderland. As a dubious bonus we had the latest anti-EU ravings from Councillor George Howe.

 Not so many years ago the (old) Labour Party had within it a faction which came to be known as the “Loony Left”; and a right lot of barmpots they were too.

 Now we have a different set of loons, the “Rabid Right” of the Tory Party who hate all things European and will not be happy until we are out of the EU.

 To what purpose I am not sure, but most of the national press seems to lend support.

 I wonder what would happen to us if these “Little Englanders” get their way?

 Councillor Howe makes a point about immigration and the current housing problem.  

 Certainly, immigration has caused problems, but I would remind Mr Howe there has been a serious shortage of decent housing in this country for decades, and no recent Government has sought to address this.

 Not much chance of anything good happening soon either, not while we have “no plan George” at 11 Downing Street.

 Like I said, don’t you just love ‘em?

Jack Vincent,


Car crash appeal

I AM appealing for any witnesses to a car crash on Durham Road – just before the Bede Bank – on Wednesday, December 12, between 3.30pm and 4pm.

 One of the cars involved was a black Clio. If you saw the crash or have any information, please contact me on 0742 7603 593.



Where can we turn for change?

MACKEMS are all good and honest folk, but don’t just take my word for it, ask any Echo reader, none will deny it.

 Do they however, get a fair deal? Do they get what they deserve or even deserve all they get? Do they ever!

 Since the sixties, except in one ward and only on one occasion, the good folk of Sunderland and district have dutifully and exclusively elected Labour candidates, so they can be forgiven for expecting better treatment than they have received during this period.

 The early sixties were a time of virtually full employment, with a high percentage of the jobs being skilled.

 Having the benefit of world-famous glass-making, specialised steel and iron works, shipyards and coal mines, Sunderland was a relatively rich town and also a clean and pleasant place to live.

 Since those days, which have since proved to be our halcyon days, the Mackems’ lot has descended into a culture of state dependency and charity shops. “Anything for a pound” would now seem to be our self-defining motto.

 Responsibility for this decline lies not with the Mackems themselves, who have kept faith with traditional Labour virtues and principles, but rather with those we sent to Westminster.

 They stood by and merely watched or they even jumped on the bandwaggon while Parliament became a refuge for self-seeking, unprincipled and unadulterated vote snatchers who cared little for traditional political values but sought to widen their appeal at the expense of their own constituents.

 To repeat the exercise by voting Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem just once more and to expect a better Government would surely be insane.

 These people have simply lost the ability and or the right to govern. They have lost sight of any ideals they may have once held and they believe that “re-election” is their job description.

 So where can we turn for change?

Denis Gillon,


Great school play

I HAVE just come back from Hillview Junior School after watching my great-granddaughter and all her school friends doing their Christmas play.

 All the children were fantastic, it was a pleasure to watch and listen to them.

 The headteacher and teachers were brilliant. Looking forward to next year.

Mrs P Foreman

Seeking old friend

CAN Echo readers help me find an old friend from school days named Sandra Cowley?

 Sandra went to Sunderland High School, she was there in 1959. She lived in West Mount, Sunderland.

 Her father was the editor of The Sunderland Echo and I think the family came from Portsmouth.

 She married Micheal Simons in 1966. Can any reader help with her whereabouts from then?

 Please email any information to geoffreysaunders@yahoo.com

Geoff Saunders