Letters, Friday, December 28, 2012

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Watch out Cowell, we’ve got talent!

FORGET Britain’s Got Talent, Southmoor Academy has talent.

 In particular, the teacher who wrote, produced and directed the recent school production, a Mrs A Twine.

 The head of the Academy must be so proud of his staff and pupils.

 The story was called HELP and dealt with the staff of a problem page who had their own problems.

 The production was put to the music of the Beatles but within a modern setting.

 The pupils involved were excellent – talented in singing, dancing and acting.

 There was humour of the kind only Sunderland can do well. The Echo even got a mention!

 If any of the parents or grandparents missed the show, they missed a very enjoyable night.

 Well done Southmoor. It’s refreshing to seen an Academy focusing on performing arts as well as the core subjects required these days.

 Watch out Simon Cowell.

Mrs P Robinson,


Here’s some food for thought...

I AGAIN read in the press that millions of children are starving in Britain today. Surely this cannot mean what it says?

 Apparently children are going to school having had nothing to eat all day.

 Have their parents not heard of porridge, cornflakes and fruit, none of which costs an arm or a leg?

 When I was young there seemed to be a stew pot on the go all the time in every house, full of hot goodies like carrots, parsnips, dumplings (flour and water) and a cut of cheap meat.

 This would keep a family going for days, with the odd leftovers from other meals thrown in to keep it going.

 You know what? We thrived on it and I’ve loved stew ever since. It was put in front of you and if you left it, tough. There was nothing else, of necessity.

 Guess what? it was eaten. For goodness sake, you young mothers and fathers, use some intuition and ingenuity, buy some cheap, good (not fast) food and no one will starve.

 This newspaper informed us lately that 40 per cent of children on Wearside were obese, if so, then something does not add up.

 Save money by cutting down on toys at Christmas, most get too much already.

 Give children under two years an empty gift box with some crayons and a couple of toys from the Pound Shop, they will love it.

 We did when young. Let them scrawl all over the box and tear it apart. Magic.

 The best thing you can give them and patience, not money or gifts, they will adore you for that.

Allan Wilkinson,


African SAFC fan’s request for help

MY name is Chimanga Maponga, I am a die-hard Sunderland Football Club fan from Zimbabwe.

 I have been following the team for a long time, but the problem is that where I live, there is no longer access to know more about my favourite club or anything related.

 So, with this letter, I would like to seek help from willing fans to help me by keeping me updated by sending me their magazines when they have finished reading them, or any merchandise related to my favourite club, even old things.

Chimanga Maponga,

House No. 922,

Shumba Street,



Many thanks for a joyful afternoon

THE Foyle Street Writers would like to thank everyone who came to join them in the Christmas readings at the library in Fawcett Street on December 12.

 The first half of the afternoon was spent with the Foyle Street Writers reading some of their own work and some from well-known and well loved authors.

 Then it was time for tea, with lots of goodies – not forgetting Val’s mince pies.

 Time to meet new friends, it was their turn to take the floor and read their own work. It was a very joyful afternoon.

 The staff at the library were, as usual, most helpful in helping the afternoon run so smoothly. We thank them all.

Name and address supplied

Memories of the original bombshell

JEAN Harlow was born on Friday March 3, 1911, in Kansas City, Missouri, and was one of the original blonde bombshells, appearing in Hollywood movies including The Saturday Night Kid, Reckless, New York Nights, Suzy Hold Your Man, The Public Enemy, Iron Man, China Seas, Honour Bound, Dinner At Eight, The Best Of The City, Platinum Blonde, Riffraff, Hell’s Angels, Close Harmony, Why Be Good?, Fugitives and her final film Saratoga.

 She mixed with the famous stars, from Clark Cable to James Cagney.

 Sadly, on Monday, June 7, 1937, she passed away at the young age of 26 years.

 I won’t forget the original blonde bombshell and the American actress icon, the late Jean Harlow.

Terry Christie,

East Herrington,