Letters, Friday, December 21, 2012

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Why not stop the snack trolley?

 It showed a 47-stone man at Sunderland Royal Hospital cheating on his diet by eating junk food from the newspaper and snack trolley.

 He wouldn’t admit it to surgeon Peter Small but the surgeon knew why the weight wasn’t dropping off and told the viewers that he couldn’t stop the trolley going round.

 This is ridiculous. A hospital is supposed to encourage healthy habits, not promote them. After all, it wouldn’t sell cigarettes.

 Junk food can also cause other medical problems.

 When the surgeon informed him of the hundreds of pounds his stay was costing each day, including a specially-made bed which they were forced to hire at an eye-watering daily fee of £150, the patient told the camera that it didn’t concern him because the NHS were paying.

 Where does he think the NHS gets its money from? Taxpayers are paying for all this medical treatment – people who don’t overeat, eat the right things, move about, keep to a normal weight and work for a living.

 It might help some of the women lose weight, without surgery, if they put pictures of starving children on fridge doors.

 You are what you eat.

Name and address supplied

Don’t miss out on cheap stamp deal

THIS year the Royal Mail increased its stamp price by the greatest amount since it issued the Penny Black.

 As a Christmas treat the Government announced that those who receive Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit can buy 36 letter stamps at the 2011 prices (1st or 2nd class).

 You have to take to the Post Office your letter from the Department of Work and Pensions or a Post Office Card Account which must be dated within the last 12 months.

 Ask for the ‘Helping Hand’ application form and fill it in.

 The offer ends on Christmas Day and you have all of 2013 to use them. Get going.

G White


Call RSPCA about tethered horse

REGARDING the person who wrote in to the Sunderland Echo about a young horse tethered at Old Usworth Pit, could you please call the RSPCA on 03001234999 as I did. They must speak to the person who saw it, and as I don’t drive I can’t go to see for myself.

 They told me it is illegal to even tether a young horse. Thank You.

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Thanks for a top Christmas party

I WOULD like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the organisers of the Fulwell and Seaburn Neighbourhood Watch Senior Citizens Christmas Party, held at the Mill View Club on Wednesday, December 12. It was a wonderful afternoon.

 I and my friend had an enjoyable time, the food and entertainment was excellent, with lots of beautiful raffle prizes. I look forward to next year. Well done and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Mrs F Rodenby


Legalise drugs to please the 20%?

SHOULD we legalise cannabis?

 In 20 years’ time we will be desperately trying to stop people taking drugs.

 We made cigarettes legal – now we are desperately trying to stop people smoking.

 We are losing the war on crime – so should be legalise it?

 It seems that because we don’t win a battle, we just give in, like cowards.

 At the moment parents can say to children: “drugs do you harm and are illegal, so be good law-abiding children and do not use them.”

 Should we be saying to them: “cannabis is legal so please yourself, just try not to use all your pocket money on it or you may end up shop-lifting which is not yet legal.” Words fail me!

 One newspaper reported that one-in-five children aged 11 to 15 admits having used drugs.

 So should we make the law to suit 20 per cent of them and just forget the other 80 per cent?

Mrs M Matthews


Ice fall gratitudefrom city visitor

AT the start of my visit to Sunderland from the Netherlands last Monday, I had a bad fall on the ice resulting in a fractured shoulder.

 The emergency services and staff were superb at a very busy time.

 My thanks to them and in particular to three young men who contacted the ambulance service and stayed with me until my trip to hospital. Many thanks guys.

Simon Duerden