Letters, Friday, December 14

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Immigration fuels need for housing

 The aim was to check the sprawl of large built-up areas and to benefit both the countrside and people.

 The green belt is now under threat brought about by the need to ease the housing problem.

 Why has this happened? In 1997, according to the think tank Migration Watch, unrestricted immigration into this country allowed 1,000,000 migrants from Eastern Europe to enter Britain. When Ed Miliband, as Labour’s new leader, was asked the question whether Labour had lied about immigration, he said: “I don’t think we lied but I do think we got it wrong.”

 During the next 13 years after Labour gained office, from 1997-2010 the official arrivals totalled 3.2million while far fewer left. About 80 per cent of immigrants came from outside the EU. It is partly from that statistic that the current housing problem stems. These figures do not include the unknown number, estimated to be near 1,000,000, to be added.

 Labour got their figures wrong. Some people don’t think so, indeed many believe that by allowing massive increases of migrants into the country they were strenthening voting patterns in their favour.

 Home Secretary David Blunkett said that there was “no obvious limit” to the immigration of skilled labour, adding incredibly that he did not believe there was a maximun population for the UK.

 Where was Tony Blair in this dialogue? Where else but keeping mum about the the underhanded perambulations carried out by the Labour government. Tony Blair broke his silence on immigration on October 20, 2011.

 He went on to say: “It’s been a very positive thing and there is no way for a country like Britain to succeed in the future unless it is open to people of different colours, faith and cultures.”

 Thankfully Blair and his two-faced cronies are no longer there to do further damage to the British people. However many think it is time to put the cards on the table and stop this abuse of the British people.

 David Cameron should announce an end to further immigration and rid the country of illegal immigrants still sheltering here.

 And finally give the British people the promised referendum on the doomed EU, or the increasing influence of UKIP will do the job for him!

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell Ward

Fears for horse

A YOUNG horse has been tethered on the old Usworth pit land for at least seven months.

 It has no shelter no dry place to sleep or even to stand on.

 I have had a look on the Code of Practice for keeping horses website and it seems whoever owns this poor horse is breaking every part of the code.

 The horse is tethered on a chain of about 10 or 12 feet. He cannot reach the trees to shelter from the elements at all.

 I pass the field everyday. I have never seen the owner but I understand he checks on it a few times a week which really cannot be enough.

 It saddens and sickens me every time I see this poor horse.

 When will the Government make horse tethering on waste ground illegal?

Name withheld

Getting work done

AT a planning meeting held at Sunderland Civic Centre earlier this year plans for the new Ryhope Hospital were discussed and welcomed.

 Labour councillor Rosalind Copeland was quoted in the Echo as saying: “It is fantastic news that we are finally going to get the new hospital we were promised when Prince Charles came to visit (in 2004).”

 This quote from Coun Copeland says it all.

 They waited six years from 2004 to 2010 under a Labour Government but nothing was forthcoming then just two years into this Conservative-led Government not only are they building the 140-bed hospital but there is also a 30-bed hospice being built on the site.

 Alongside these great schemes there is also a new 24-bed unit, comprising two 12-bed wards, being built on the Monkwearmouth Hospital site. All under the Conservative Government.

 Councillor Copeland’s comment about waiting so long under Labour could also apply to the new bridge and an enterprise zone – all happening now.

 This Government released money to allow the purchase of the Vaux site, money was found to build the £6m multi-storey car park at Sunderland Royal Hospital and £17m to be invested in Nissan.

 But they still say, Conservatives do nothing for Sunderland!

Alan Wright

High Barnes

Help find Sandra

I AM looking for Sandra who went to Sunderland High School.

 She was there in 1959 and lived in West Mount, Sunderland.

 Her father was the editor of the Sunderland Echo and I think the family came from Portsmouth.

 She married Micheal Simons in 1966. Can any reader help with her whereabouts from then?

Email me on geoffreysaunders@yahoo.com