Letters, Friday, December 12, 2014

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Immigration needs to be controlled

I DO resent the sanctimonious, over zealous liberal leftists, who preach that those who disagree with their view that indiscriminate immigration is good for UK, are virtually racist xenophobes.

 Their sermon usually venerates the notion that ever widening ethnic diversity will enrich our culture and an endless flow of immigrant workers will sustain our prosperity.

 This somewhat pious notion I fear is at worst flawed and at best it no longer applies.

 Where there was diversity we see division, with second generation immigrants proud to take up arms against their adopted land – our land.

 We find immigrant workers living in squalor, 30 to a three-bedroom property and we see growing numbers of EU immigrants living rough in our parks, eating the wild life, all of which is far from enriching.

 Post war Britain developed a finely tuned social structure and made welfare provisions which were the envy of the world, but since then the population has ballooned.

 More immigrants arrived here during the Blair government than did throughout Britain’s history.

 As a relatively small country, already more densely populated, it is blatantly obvious that continued unbridled immigration would be catastrophic.

 To preserve and maintain our way of life or merely reduce overcrowding, UK immigration should be strictly regulated according to criteria beneficial to the indigenous population and not to suite some liberal dogma.

Denis Gillon,


We must do what is right for the UK

THE vast majority of the people of this country want us to leave the EU otherwise we cannot control immigration, which has already ruined this country.

 The EU is a gravy train whose finances have never been audited. Nissan said it would leave if we did not take on the Euro, now it is trying to put on the pressure, regarding leaving the EU.

 Empty words, and the millions of pounds it would cost to close down Sunderland Nissan, the most successful car maker in Europe, would be colossal.

 Apart from that, should Nissan be the body that makes the decision of the whole of the UK? I think not.

 The simple logic is that England is a small island that is already overcrowded.

 Our economy means that many people from EU countries want to come here and make more money.

 We have to decide what is best for the UK.

Majorie Matthews,


Measures needed to make city great

ONCE again I’ve been looking through the Echo and December 1 there was a feature on vintage views of the city.

 I was looking at a photo of Southwick’s Green taken, I presume, from what was the old Co-operative store.

 What a lovely place Southwick Green was, but now the same place is a mess.

 I was in the city centre on Monday, December 1, and I noted that another shop in High Street West has closed down – a CD shop.

 To me, Sunderland is changing for the worse. What’s going on?

 How many shops in the city centre are going to close down? What is going to be done about this? When will it end?

 I hope our city sorts itself out to become the great ‘town’ it once was.

Edwin Robinson,


Events could help benefit hospice

LOCAL athletics club Sunderland Strollers must be commended for donating the entry fee proceeds of its annual Doorstep Marathon to the chemotherapy unit of Sunderland Royal Hospital, having raised £500 for the charity last year.

 It is just a pity that another charity dear to the hearts of Sunderland folk, the Grace House Hospice Appeal, couldn’t similarly benefit from a generous donation from other similar city events.

Frank Johnson

Baroness is right – no one cooks

POOR people can’t cook said Baroness Jenkins and quite right too.

 I absolutely agree with her.

 It’s a fact you can make a pan of broth for four people for less than a fiver, but people would rather spend the fiver and more on fast food. That’s why many kids are so fat.

 It wasn’t like this years ago. Children were brought up on mince and dumplings and stuff like that. There was no obesity.

 The women who made meals like that were often seen cleaning a doorstep with a big silver bucket next to them. You don’t see that anymore either. Now they are to busy sitting in the burger bars.

 Women just don’t want to cook.

 Times have, unfortunately, changed and a mother’s catchphrase these days is “what do you want to eat before the chip shop shuts”.

Mick, The Pen, Brown