Letters, Friday, August 23, 2013

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Travellers ruining seafront for all

THE continuing presence of so-called travellers camping on council property has created an avalanche of protests from residents and visitors.

 The large boulders restricting entrance on to the land adjoining Martino’s were removed, by horse power, and more than 20 vans and carts gained entrance.

 Cars were parked along the road at the junction of Lowery Road and the entrance to the Pullman Lodge car park, creating problems for motorists heading to Morrisons.

 A great number of horses were allowed to roam at the rear of Cuthbertson Court and the smell of horse urine and manure over-hung the area. Visitors to the fish restaurant complained about the foul smell as did many others enjoying the seafront.

 One Fulwell resident complained about a young person riding a horse buggy on Dykelands Road, narrowly missing vehicles in both directions, and another witnessed a youth from the camp kicking a horse he was having difficulty controlling.

 Of course, this is not the only occasion that the travellers have created a nuisance. It has been going on for years, and despite protests from locals the problem continues unabated and seemingly the council can only sit back and await for a court order to be given that will enforce the removal of those who are showing no regard for the mess and nuisance they are creating.

 Ward councillors have time and time again brought this nuisance to their attention but no positive action has been taken to prevent the entrance of these people to grassed areas. The large boulders that were placed around the area were simply hitched to horses and pulled away.

 We have suggested that a bund be raised around the field which will solve the problem of horses and vans having access to the area.

 As ward councillors we hope that the police will control the lunatic activities of those who are driving horse drawn traps along the seafront.

 The seafront is there for people to enjoy without being subjected to conditions that threaten their safety and comfort.

Fulwell Ward Councillors

Shock dog attack

AT about 7pm, on August 20, my dog was attacked while in King George’s Park, Pennywell.

 I had my 13-year-old cousin and my four-year-old goddaughter with me.

 Having been playing with my dog and the ball for 10 minutes or so, a lady entered with her boxer dog, who seemed very lively.

 My dog is a staffi cross and so attracts negative attention, even though he is no danger to animals or people and is content as long as he is playing with a ball. He has been trained to good citizen dog award bronze level and would not be allowed off his lead if he was a danger to others, but to ease owners’ minds I always put my dog back on his lead until we have passed other dogs and their owners.

 Having recalled my dog and placed him on his lead we were standing waiting for the boxer and his owner to pass. Unfortunately this lady let her dog off his lead where he promptly ran towards us. I turned my dog away but he was grabbed by the boxer, which proceeded to attack him. I was unable to part the animals and when the other owner finally came over she grabbed my dog’s lead and dragged my dog away.

 I was annoyed and told the lady her dog had attacked mine to which she looked shock and I repeated the statement pointing out that my dog was actually on a lead.

 I want to make other owners aware of this animal as it was clearly out of control.

 Staffi’s have a bad reputation and I want to point out they are not always at fault. Mine was attacked for simply being a dog.

 Thankfully, he is OK apart from a few red marks. The children were unhurt but upset. This woman was not to know that at the time, and was clearly ready to accuse me and my dog of being at fault.

Annoyed dog owner

Return medication

I HOPE the people who stole my granddaughter’s Disney case in Poundland yesterday morning are proud of themselves.

 What they didn’t realise is that her steroid medication and strong hayfever medicine were in the case along with expensive clothes.

 I’m not bothered about the clothes, or the case, but I need the medication.

 Please return it to Poundland or to the police in charge of the case.

 I would like to thank the police and the security staff in Poundland for all their help.

B Edwards,


Consider options

I’VE seen many people in the Echo over the past few weeks, wondering how much money the late, unlamented, iconic bridge has taken out of the council’s coffers?

 You might like to know that they’ve finally sat down and calculated at least part of the bill.

 A recent freedom of information request has revealed that £11.1million has been spent so far. A sum of £6.3million of this was on “design”. No mention is made of additional costs such as the compulsory purchase of land.

 In its response, the council does stress that the scheme has not, in fact, been cancelled. The council is considering its options. So, that’s all right then.

 Might I suggest that, come election time, we also consider our options.

 The executive of the council, who make all of these decisions, is 100 per cent Labour. There are several other parties we could vote for in Sunderland, and surely none of them could make as much of a mess as this lot? Personally, I’m a LibDem, but I’d vote Monster Raving Loony if I had to.

 Think of how many schools, libraries or care homes that £11.1million could have been spent on.

M Crosby,

East Herrington

Useless points

TORY Councillor Peter Wood is absolutely correct (Echo, August 9) about Sunderland Tourist Information Centre (TIC) being pathetic.

 It was bad enough when it closed the proper building in Fawcett Street. Why didn’t they just let volunteers run it as they have in Durham City?

 Whatever proposition people come up with is ignored.

 Whenever my husband and I are on holiday, we head for the local TIC. What use are “additional information points” when tourists head for the city centre?

 People want the information all in one place, not scattered far and wide.

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