Letters, Friday, April 6th, 2012

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Law of evolution at work in industry

J. M. TURNER painted a well-known picture called The Fighting Temeraire. It depicted that old obsolete ship being towed to the breaker’s yard by one of those then very new steam boats.

It’s a pity that same tug did not perform the same job on the City of Adelaide wreck. Then we would have been spared all the half-witted campaigns to bring that white elephant of a wreck to Sunderland.

All things exist on the foundation of something else that became extinct. If dinosaurs had not become extinct, mankind and all the other mammals would have remained little more than rodents living in a hole, and that law of evolution applies to industry as well as biology.

What local politicians should be doing is to focus on the future, not on fossilising Sunderland by trying to maintain obsolete industry. If we still had the pits we would not have got either the Stadium of Light or Nissan.

Sunderland is one of the few places which controls both banks of its river and, with miles of coastline too, we should be making better use of these assets.

One way to do so is to use the river area for housing and recreational purposes by having a riverside promenade from the coast to Washington with good quality housing too. Selling the leaseholds on these houses should include the cost of building the promenades so it could be more or less self-funded.

Before starting to attract tourists here we should be making Sunderland a more attractive place for its own residents the main priority.

J. Young, Alexander Terrace, Fulwell, Sunderland

PM’s guests

DAVID Cameron was once again forced to defend his now dubious reputation when his dirty linen was washed in pubic by the Tory treasurer. It was reported he offered prospective Tory donors dinner with the Prime Minister in his 10 Downing Street apartment if they gave £250,000 to the Tory party.

It was also reported men with big wallets had been wearing out the stair carpet up to the Prime Minister’s grace-and-favour flat since he took office. It must be difficult for anyone to imagine hardhearted businessmen men paying a visit to the flat with wads of cash, just to sample Cameron’s cappuccino and a Gregg’s pasty.

Apparently they never took the opportunity to influence the Prime Minister’s decision-making, though. So it’s coincidental men carrying Tory gifts got their thinking right on Government policy. An example, the oil tycoon who negotiated a £600million Libyan deal. Other stair-climbers had called for business tax, corporation tax and the 50p tax slashed, before they were announced in the recent Budget. And one dinner invitee said he “had it first hand” from “very senior” members of the Government that Mr Cameron would oppose a European financial transition tax.

Give a person the benefit of the doubt by all means, but don’t forget Cameron’s got a record for this not very statesman like behaviour. A few years ago David Cameron was made to apologise in the House of Commons for breaking rules by holding money-spinning dinners at his personal office in Westminster.

W. Quinn, Duke Street, Millfield, Sunderland

Leave the humps

THE council should leave the humps on North Road, Seaham to welcome the Queen. I am sure she would want to knight the man who put them down. They are worse than the tank traps in the war days.

E Coltman, Station Road, Seaham

On a hill far away

ON a hill far away on Easter day

People gather to praise and pray,

Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice

To keep our world good at a price.

Then it was left to all mankind

To care for those he left behind.

Love they neighbour help if you can,

Have time to listen to your fellow man.

A smile as you pass on life’s highway

Costs nothing at all to make someone’s day.

Be a friend to the lonely and sad,

Giving your time is the best gift to be had.

Everyone falters and makes mistakes,

But our Lord is forgiving for all our sakes,

And when we leave this world behind

We can all do so with peace of mind.

Mrs Greta Skelton, Westheath Avenue, Grangetown, Sunderland

Store’s thanks

THE staff at Tesco, The Bridges, would like to thank all our customers who helped raise £530 for the Sick Children’s Trust Charity through our bag pack on March 31 and April 1. We had great fun doing it. Thanks again to the girls who took part.

Tesco Metro, The Bridges, Sunderland