Letters, Friday, April 5, 2013

Have your say

Price worth paying for free speech

THE hysteria over the appointment of “fascist” Paolo Di Canio as Sunderland manager is just the latest example of the sinister, Orwellian groupthink that is creeping into our society.

 As far as I’m aware, Mr Di Canio hasn’t broken any laws, incited violence or tried to start an uprising. All he’s guilty of is possibly holding an unpopular opinion.

 See, that’s the thing about living in an open and free country – you might have to hear things you don’t agree with or like. I hear things every day I don’t agree with, but that’s a price worth paying for the freedom to think what I want.

 It seems certain vocal sections of our society – backed, as usual, by the chorus of cretins on Twitter and Facebook (how many really know what fascism is?) – can’t grasp this idea.

 Of course, this same freedom allows you to hold an opposing opinion, but trying to bully someone out of a job because they might hold different beliefs to the majority is, dare I say it, a little bit fascist itself.

 Don’t be so quick to stamp on someone else’s freedom, or one day it might be yours that is getting stamped on.

Gregg Mitchell

Lead the city

I SEE the leader of the council is having his say on Mr Di Canio.

 I wish he would come out and say what he is doing about all the anomalies inside of the Civic Centre, such as taking a grant of £200,000 off the Citizens’ Advice Bureau just so he can keep union officials or £1million on over 300 cars and £26,000 on bottled water.

 I wonder how many miles each of these cars do on civic business?

 Mr Miliband got a better offer, so he just left the people of South Shields in the lurch. After all he has made over £2million in the last two years outside of parliament. Mr Di Canio is here to look after SAFC, not the city – leave him to do his job and the council do theirs and let the people know when they are going to put the anomalies right.

G Liddle,


Wish him the best

THE British media is making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the political beliefs of Paolo Di Canio. I don’t think that it makes any difference to the majority of supporters.

 As a football manager he is in the job to keep the club in the Premiership and nothing else matters.

 It does not matter what political stance he supports as long as the team wins.

 He is without doubt a controversial character who will bring publicity to the city. We can only hope that its the right type of publicity and that groups like the National Front do not jump on the bandwagon and bring the club a bad name.

 Employing a Maverick like Di Canio is a big gamble. He is untried in the top flight but has the passion and desire to achieve great things. He may be the spark the club needs.

 So let’s wish him all the best.

Mick Brown

Good riddance

ITS a great pity that there was no Di Canio-like furore when the so-called man of principles David Milliband was handed his sinecure at SAFC. This is the man who was imposed on the Shield’s Labour Party by Tony Blair. Of course, he repaid him by voting for the illegal war in Iraq that after 10 years is still claiming innocent lives.

 I say good riddance to Milliband. He should take his inept sibling with him. They could tour the USA as a comedy double act – Wallace and Grommit. We might even get someone to replace him who will speak the forbidden word “Socialism”.

 The USA and its business has a long history of collaborating with and using fascist war criminals as well as being in bed with every South American dictator, who have murdered thousands of Socialists, Trade unionists and Communists. They were involved in the murder and removal of the only elected Marxist government in the world in Chile.

 It’s the land of the free if you obey what you are told to do and say

Michael Dodds

What a furore

I AM amazed about all this furore surrounding Mr Di Canio.

 He’s played for West Ham, Charlton, Sheffield Wednesday and Celtic.

 The issues which are being aired now never arose at these clubs, so what’s the problem now he is at Sunderland?

 You have these folk coming out looking for their 15 minutes of fame, condemning Paolo for his views and saying they won’t return to the Stadium Of Light.

 Well that’s their prerogative. It doesn’t bother me personally. But then you have the the likes of the miners’ representitive Mr Hooper, who was despised by many thousands of miners during the strikes asking for his banner back (my God).

 Another guy not happy – Councillor Paul Watson. This chap wants to have a look around the hovel which is now Sunderland under his Labour guidance.

 I’m sure the likes of Mr Di Canio and Paul Watson will look back on their lives and think “I wish I hadn’t done that”.

 Let’s hope this blows over shortly and Paolo can get on with what he was brought to do, manage Sunderland Football Club and the likes of Watson can get on trying to restore some pride in this once proud city.

Ralph Knight

Thanks for help

WE would like to thank all the dippers and sponsors of the Boxing Day Dip who took part in memory of our son John Chipp.

 Over the years, with the help of family, friends and work collegues, we have raised approximately £20,000 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. This has enabled us to put three guide dog puppies through their training.

 We would especially like to thank the lads from Hylton Castle Seniors Football Club, including Gary Bainbridge and Anth Topping for all their help and support.

 Last year a total of £1,500 was raised.

 A massive thanks to you all.

George and Ruth Chipp,