Letters, Friday, April 29th, 2011

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Poem for our delightful couple

CONGRATULATIONS Catherine and Prince William

On this your wedding day

Indeed, the glittering aura of your

Mutual love and caring could only be

Compared with the magnificence of the

Mighty Niagara Falls cascading down the

Canadian ravine in all its natural beauty

And elegance. So let the bells toll loud

And clear for our Prince Charming and

His beautiful bride, both being in

Total congruence with our nation;

A nation that is famous for its history

Of Magna Carta, Suffragettes and Jarrow March

As reflecting our commitment to peace

And tranquillity of all times.

So, long live Catherine and Prince William

And may the God bless and be with you all along.

Yes! You loving pair, you are the ideal

Idols for all our future generations

Dr Mohan Nabar

A wonderful day

AS I have been in hospital for two weeks I have not been able to keep up with my Echo. However, my daughter brought some for me.

Imagine my surprise to find a letter from Ed Waugh similar to one which had been printed only a few weeks ago – a rather vitriolic letter regarding the Royal Wedding.

What a sad man he is! Amid all the miserable doom and gloom in the news, he cannot enjoy something so happy as a young couple so much in love that we can all share in – a wonderful day.

Those who don’t want to watch don’t have to. We still have freedom of choice in the UK.

I also notice that he is getting free publicity for his pantomime at the Customs House – twice!

I hope everyone who watches the wedding enjoys it and the lovely young couple have a long and happy life together – despite Ed Waugh’s horrible letter!

D. Middlemist, Cuthbertson Court, Dykelands Road, Seaburn, Sunderland

Costly training

BEST wishes to the two girls featured in the Echo on Tuesday, April 26, who have won places in acting and dance schools.

I noticed that the fees for a two-year course were £10,000.

Many people just cant afford that kind of money. My 17-year-old son Daniel,who is an ex-Byker Grove actor, has just won a place in the National Youth Theatre and has to go to London in August for 12 days with them. The snag is it will cost £1,200.

He will probably have to turn them down as my wife and I are just part-time workers. Daniel understands this, but we still feel awful for him as he is a good lad and a talented actor and will keep on with other auditions in the meanwhile.

John Watson, Pensher View, Washington

Shades for charity

I AM writing to let your readers know about a nationwide “rock and roll” fund-raiser in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, in which we would love local communities to get involved.

On Friday, May 6, Teenage Cancer Trust will be holding its second annual “Rock Your Shades” day. Whether it’s in the style of Lady Gaga, Tinie Tempah or even Elton John, we want everyone to wear their shades with attitude and donate to our cause.

Whether you’re at work, school, indoors or out, we want people to strut their stuff and wear their sunnies.

In return, we are asking people to donate £1 to Teenage Cancer Trust to help us give young people across the UK the fight and attitude they need to beat cancer.

To make this year’s fund-raiser even more exciting, Teenage Cancer Trust has teamed up with Topman and a group of young cancer patients who were treated on one of our Teenage Cancer Trust units, to design four pairs of unique “Rock Your Shades” sunglasses. They can be purchased from all Topman stores now and cost £16 each, with £5 of every pair sold donated to the charity.

To make your £1 donation and for more “Rock Your Shades” fund-raising ideas visit www.teenagecancertrust.org/rockyourshades or call 020 7612 0370.

To purchase the Teenage Cancer Trust Rock Your Shades sunglasses visit a Topmanstore or online at www.topman.com

Simon Davies, Chief executive, Teenage Cancer Trust

Boost for castle

RE Hylton Castle, this fabulous piece of our history is finally being recognised as a thing worth investing in.

It’s a beautiful old building with potential for some great activities for both learning and leisure.

Lesley Deneven