Letters, Friday, April 27th, 2012

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Show visit was extra special

ON April 17 I went to see Spamalot and I really enjoyed the show very much.

Come the second half of the show, the hunt for the Holy Grail was on and I was in the seat that the Grail was under and Todd Carty asked me to stand up and then he said “follow me” and I ended up on the stage and was awarded a scroll for the best peasant and a tin of spam and a photo of me with the cast.

It was a great night. Todd Carty is a really nice man and I also met Bonny Langford as well.

I would like to wish the cast and the rest of the people involved with the show all the best for the rest of the tour and hope Todd is back on television soon.

I have been watching him in a re-run of the Bill. He is a great actor, plus, as I said, he is a really nice man. Please pass on my best regards.

I got their autographs after the show and what a laugh the show is – great stuff.

Bonny Langford is a very nice lady.

Joe Lennox, Chillingham House, Mulgrave Drive, Roker, Sunderland

Spending is key

IF the leisure centre is not going to be repaired why not build a wet and wild on the old fairground? Maybe bring back the seafront lights too.

The airshow attracts people.

Also, who not adopt a Durham-style approach to parking? They charge 40p and you get nearly two hours.

We need to get people spending again to make Sunderland great once again and not a poor relation.

Kevin Stoker, Sunderland

Legal ‘scam’

IS it just me or has anyone else noticed the legal “scam” presently in operation by telephone companies and businesses?

All telephone companies encourage us to pay an additional charge to call 01, 02 and 03 numbers for free during the evening and weekend, with another additional charge for “free” peak-time calls.

However, many businesses and town centre shops have now changed to an 084 number with a “charged at local rates” tariff.

They then keep you hanging on for an “eternity” and so wracking up a lengthy call charge.

This “charge” is then split between telephone company and the business at our expense.

This is even creeping into other areas such as doctors’ surgeries and health centres.

So many of us are paying for a service that is of no use at all.

M. Alderson, Sunderland

Search Party

THIS is my final appeal to anyone who has any information on a woman named Julia Addison.

She was married to Vincent Colin Addison and lived at 176 Canon Cockin Street, Sunderland, until 1957.

She then moved to Percy Terrace, where she lived until 1965 when she moved to Victor Court Flats.

She also had sisters called Veronica and Alice.

Also once again, can the man who telephoned about this subject please get back in touch?

Thanks for any help

Anthony Atkin, Tel. 0191 649 8471

TO Norma Bird, nee Bell, last known address South Hylton, a relative in Birmingham would like to make contact.

Tel. 07811 974612