Letters, Friday, April 25, 2014

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We need to feel proud of our city

IN the forthcoming elections, will we now say enough is enough and give someone else a chance to run what was once a city to be proud of.

 I have voted Labour all my life, as have my parents and grandparents, but we must start thinking about saving this city and let someone else have a go. They can’t do any worse.

 To list some of the mishandling by this council, which people don’t need reminding of as everyone seems to be complaining about the council lately, the Vaux site fiasco, the new Wear crossing, Holmeside Triangle, West Sunniside debacle, closing of the leisure centre, the seafront, boarded-up shops in the city centre, the collapse of nightlife, the mismanagement of the port from the mid 1980s to 2012, including not dredging the river, the possible closure of city centre fire and police stations.

 It breaks my heart when I have friends and family visit and I have to take them to surrounding areas to shop (Gateshead), culture (Durham), night life (Newcastle) because I am embarrassed by our city.

 Come on, voters, vote for anybody but Labour. Let’s give them the shock they need to try to return this city to a place where its residents can once again be proud to call home.

S Johnson,


Take control back

AFTER reading the article by independent councillor colin wakefield in the Echo, April 15, regarding the setting up of an independent elected town council for Houghton, I felt I just had to write in and wish him and his fellow petitioners success in their objective.

 For too long now, Houghton has been totally ignored by the powers that be – Sunderland council stand idly by as the once clean, quiet, friendly little town has deteriorated into the state it is today. The local park, once tidy, bright and cheerful, is now a wasteland, streets are awash with litter, youth clubs all gone, no public toilets, family owned shops all gone and replaced with takeaway food outlets.

 I ask all of you people, who care about Houghton and its future, to please get out there and support Councillor Wakefield in whatever way you can. It’s time to take back control and put Houghton first.

M Mcardle,


Rail line has gone

I READ with interest the article that the North East Local Enterprise Partnership has commissioned a study into the reopening of the Leamside line.

 I am not a railway engineer but I can help.

 It is gone, no longer there – every rail, fishplate sleeper(concrete), nut, bolt and pigtail clip to hold down the rails has been removed.

 Therefore, the photograph featured is accurate apart from there is no railway.

 I do hope these committees or authorities are not taxpayer funded as someone needs to get a grip.

David Patterson,

Fence Houses