Letters, Friday, April 17, 2015

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Little benefit to be had from ferry

WILL the River Wear ferry benefit Sunderland residents?

 Other than a trip up and down the river, other transport will get anyone to or from anywhere the ferry could take them (and quicker).

 The biggest problem is access. Where is it easy to access any stopping point of the ferryboat?

 Consider visitors or residents using the city centre as a starting point, from Park Lane/Fawcett Street. Walk or taxi through to Bridge Street then find you way down to the area under the bridge or down to the old ferry stop near the Corporation Quay. Then get the ferry to Roker (as we used to from Hendon on the Old Steam Ferry, at one old penny). Just for access, omit the ferry go direct to Roker.

 Are there any other possible access points easier to get to or from? Not even riverside areas such as Hendon, Pennywell, Southwick, Hylton Castle, other areas have greater travel problems.

 Maybe the student accommodation under the bridge, but to where? Would students wait or walk or want to pay? If using a car, what about safe parking or space.

 The river is tidal, and from the Fish Quay to South Hylton, there is little or no depth of water, even at high tide. Look from the town (city) bridge at low tide and see the river bed. Dredging will be an expensive and ongoing expense, not helped when the new bridge is built with its pontoon in the deep part of the river which will slow down the flow of water, allowing the silt to build up more quickly.

 The same cost of dredging could or should have been used to allow Nissan to use the river for barges to ferry cars to the Corporation Quay, instead of lorries taking cars by road to the Tees or the Tyne.

GW Donoghue,


A pressing need

SO Sunderland is to submit a bid next year to become UK City of Culture. Is this the very same city that does not have a public convenience in its central railway station.

 It has been estimated that two million visitors will descend on Sunderland to see the Tall Ships.

 If just half of them come by train, will the council put a bus on to take them from the station to the toilets in The Bridges? With the huge amount of people flooding into the city (of culture) there are sure to be some questions about the toilets. Will the council issue some sort of pass to the locals so that they can, and do have priority in the toilets?

 Who’s bothered about culture when the toilets are so few and far between? Toilets might seem like a very boring subject to some, but my oh my, how interesting they become when one feels a pressing need to use one.

 Sunderland needs public toilets in Jacky Whites Market, Blandford Street, High Street West, Keel Square and the railway station.

 If Sunderland is to be taken seriously as a tourist destination, then the city’s facilities must be a priority and up to scratch.

R Tomlinson,


Signs for hope

THERE’s a door, I’m going to step through,

To see what’s in the world beyond.

There’s a world outside my living room, of which I’m not that fond.

It’s full of wars and horrible things, that make me sad and mourn.

And people full of hatred, spite, such bitterness and scorn.

Yet as I venture further on, and take a closer view, There’s a glimmer of hope to cheer my heart – good people one or two.

Three and four and many more, there’s lots of them about. When I look all around me, here’s what I shout.

“There are bad things in this world of ours, that really is for sure.

“But there are good things too, so come on mankind, and let’s make even more.”

Janice Fleatholme,


The holocaust

God, how could it happen, why would they not fight?

All that death and destruction could never be right.

The women, the children, the old, sick and lame,

The men stripped and beaten, who will we blame.

The ghettos are full and there’s no place to hide.

There’s no grief left for the tears are all cried.

The train it is full and the people all wave,

Treblinka is waiting, you have to be brave.

The chimneys are smoking, a pyre for the dead,

The blood of the Jews is flowing bright red.

Hitler is happy, his problem is solved.

The west is inactive, they won’t get involved.

God, why did it happen, without anything said,

Till we find the total is six million dead.

The shock wave it started is rippling still,

But the great Homo Sapiens still out to kill.

God, when will it happen, when will there be peace?

We must stop this hatred, this killing must cease.

Don’t let us forget the millions who died,

The families forgotten, the children who cried.

Don’t ever forget, for we owe them much more.

Don’t hide behind tears, don’t lock up your doors.

These atrocities happened, you can’t shut your eyes.

You can’t go on living on a diet of lies.

Are you just a bystander, unable to act,

Refusing to hear and believe all the facts.

Take a lesson from history and open your eyes,

Let love and truth rule in place of the lies. (Isaiah 49v8-13)

Georgina Smith