Letters Extra, Friday, July 17, 2015

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Test letter not correct

The letter from Understanding Animal Research (Test list is not correct, July 6) is simply an attempt from a pro-vivisection lobby group to sabotage a campaign for human-relevant, non-animal research.

Our pocket guide to charities and accompanying smartphone app are not restricted to charities that fund research, but include organisations that provide support and information for patients.

However, many charities that we encourage people to support are directly involved in funding medical research.  

Examples include Anthony Nolan, Breast Cancer UK and Cancer Research Wales.

Mr Magee claims that 97 per cent of charities would fund animal research if they considered it necessary.

The source of this statistic is not clear, but these reported findings are out of step with the public’s wishes, since an NOP poll commissioned by Animal Aid revealed that more than 80 per cent of respondents would not donate to charities that fund animal experiments.

Isobel Hutchinson,

Animal Aid.

Visit Egypt to pay respects

Over the years I have arranged many groups back to the Egyptian Canal Zone, and several of your readers have joined us on these visits back to the areas where we served in the 1950s and many of our friends and comrades are buried.

I have now stopped organising groups to the Military Zone.

Our last one was in May 2015, but I have received many letters of thanks and new requests inquiring if it is possible to visit the war cemeteries in the Cairo area, especially Heliopolis and El-Alamein.

There are at least five War Cemeteries in the Cairo vicinity as well as the two mentioned above, so I have decided to arrange a group visit to Cairo so people can visit these places as well as other places of interest.

I will be in contact with the defence attaché at the British Embassy in Cairo and the War Graves Commission regarding the visits to the War Cemeteries.

I would also be willing to take photos on behalf of your readers of graves of their friends and loved ones if they would like me to (complimentary to your readers).  

I am sure many of your readers served in Egypt or know of friends and relatives who are buried there.

Your readers are invited to join our group reunion back to Egypt, and if they contact me I will send full details of itinerary and costs etc, or they can send requests for photos direct to me.

My group would be staying for 10 days (nine nights) on a half-board basis at the Hotel Le Passage near Cairo airport and my agent in Cairo would arrange all optional tours from there.

There will also be optional tours to visit other places of interest, eg, Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, Ramesseum Memphis, Solar Boats of Cheops, Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum etc.

The dates for this reunion group visit is Wednesday, June 1 to Friday, June 10, 2016.

Alf Avison,

Middle East Land Forces Association,

PO Box 99, Spalding,


PE11 9NS.


Repeal act to exit the EU

As the promised European Union referendum, In or Out, draws nearer, I think it necessary to apply our cogent thoughts to this argument.

I am not a supporter of a referendum along the lines put forward by the Prime Minister in which he has, already, divulged that he will campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote.  

This is even before he has put forward his agenda.

He was forced into this promise by the pressure exerted by UKIP, and he now finds himself arguing a case in which he does not believe.

We did not have a referendum to join this infernal organisation and we do not require one to leave.

A simple repeal of the 1972 European Act will reduce this and all Treaties depending on this Act to very expensive, inconsequential paper and null and void.

As a safeguard against a back-door legal challenge by our EU-leaning judiciary, we can also pass into law the obligation by the British Courts to apply British Law forthwith.

In modern parlance: End of.

J Scott,

via e-mail.