Letters December 7, 2012

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Forget referendum – let’s get out now

 Greece, despite receiving first aid from the Euro zone and the International Monetary Fund, has been on its knees gasping for the financial equivalent of the kiss of life for three years. While we have watched, the rest of Europe has become a basket case too.

 Why do we hesitate? Has not the failure of the Euro proven that one system, monetary or political, will not serve the needs of 27 nations and their infinitely varying cultures.

 Is it not obvious that the EU has become a corrupt venture, sustained by vested interests and the egotistical reluctance of prominent political figures to admit that they could get it so wrong.

 Quite apart from the problems of the Euro currency and our contributions to it, the notion that 75 per cent of UK law is made in Brussels or Strasbourg and we cannot even deport foreign criminals, is absolutely ludicrous.

 When Angela Merkel paid a rare visit to Downing Street last week she said Britain outside the EU would be “alone in the world”.

 But few countries are as alone as Germany at the moment having alienated most of the members of that Euro-State which Mrs Merkel and her predecessors have constructed over the last 60 years. The economic and political failure is plain to see, and now even the German economy is in dire straits.

 There is a myth that Germany has benefited enormously from the Euro.

 This is true for German industry, exports and for the increase in German power across Europe but for the domestic German economy the picture is rather different.

 Germany’s success in productivity is ironically due not to GDP per head growing, but to wages falling. So Germany is left with poor consumers at home and poor consumers abroad who can’t afford to pay their debts to Germany.

 During 2012 the value of UK exports to Brazil, Russia, India and China rose from three per cent to 8.1 per cent while exports to the EU fell from 52 per cent to 45.3 per cent (and even this figure is severely distorted by EU practise). Between 1973 (when Britain joined the EU) and 2012 the Commonwealth’s (excluding the UK) share of world trade rose from 10 per cent to 15 per cent while the EU share of world trade (excluding the UK) fell from 27 per cent to 17 per cent with further falls expected.

 So while the EU is a resounding success for the commissioners and the 3,000 officials, who are paid more than our PM, it is a corrupt, undemocratic, evil, self-serving political exercise for the nation states of Europe who have to pick up the tab.

 Don’t bother with a referendum – get out now.

Denis Gillon


Thanks for support

SUNDERLAND Cardiac Support Group wishes to thank the Sunderland Arise Project, the Alliance to Reward Initiatives and Social Enterprise, for the generous grant of £500 towards its work in the community.

 The Arise award is the brainchild of the owners of The Bridges Shopping Centre, but it also receives valuable support from a number of other stakeholders in Sunderland, who give their time on a voluntary basis to run the fund.

 This grant will be used by the Cardiac Support Group for its highly valued work with people suffering from cardiac trauma, notably helping fund our own NHS-approved gym-based Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation in the Community project, in Crowtree Leisure Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

Barry Cook,

Hon Secretary

We feel very proud

THE Friends of Rectory Park would like to thank the Sunderland Echo, MacDonald Martin and all the other generous sponsors for a memorable night at the Pride of Wearside Awards.

 We think all the finalists were winners in their own way and we felt very humble to have been chosen.

 The most humbling of all was to see the courageous children. Those who have achieved through hard work and determination, and those who have bravely fought against mountainous odds to live lives which so many of us take for granted.

 The Friends of Rectory Park salute you all and hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas.

Sheila Ellis (Chair)

Check your speed

THIS is to the extremely irate and verbally abusive driver and female passenger of a black Qashqai driving along Newcastle Road at 6.30pm on November 28, heading northbound towards the Grange traffic lights.

 I would just like to inform you that this stretch of the road has a 30mph speed limit as confirmed by Northumbria Police. I suggest you concentrate on your driving instead of telling others how to learn to drive!

A lone female driver

Thank you for gifts

MAY I thank my many relations and friends for the lovely flowers, gifts and cards given and sent to me on the occasion of my 91st birthday.

 God bless you all for your thoughtfulness.

Mrs L Taylor,

Red House